25 ways to wear a scarf …..



Scarves…… I LOVE scarves. LOVE THEM!!

I dont really do fashion…. I do black ….. what I do is scarves and handbags (this is my perfect handbag)

So to help other scarf tragics like myself, here is a quick and easy How To video….. and no this isnt me 😉


The best macarons in the entire universe ….. cup cakes are SO 2012!


Think I am exaggerating or kidding? Well take a look at these home-made, delicious offerings from my shiny new friends Tiffany and Sandra at Sinnamon


Flavours include violet crumble, salty caramel, baileys, Tim Tams....the list truly in endless.

Flavours include violet crumble, salted caramel, Baileys, Tim Tams….the list truly is endless.



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