Movie Review : American Hustle


Very loosely based on the ABSCAM FBI sting of the late 1970’s/ early 80’s (no I hadn’t heard of it either), American Hustle is a fun and fabulous romp through this gloriously tacky moment in time. The film opens with the words ‘Some of this actually happened ‘ ….. so from that moment on, you need to dismiss what you just read on Wikipedia (I know, I know) and just sit back and enjoy what you are about to see.

Irving Rosenfeld (Bale) is a New Jersey con-man who is not doing to badly for himself. He owns a chain of dry cleaners and deals in fake art. He wants more but lacks the brains and chutzpah to make it happen. Enter Sydney Prosser (Adams), an ex dancer who also wants more but does have the brains and chutzpah to make it happen. The pair embark on a passionate affair and a simple con that involves Sydney posing as a British aristocrat with ‘banking connections’ and soon many fools are being parted from their money.

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Movie Review : Turbo



Turbo is a little snail who dreams of going fast. He is just an ordinary snail who works in the garden harvesting tomatoes, trying to avoid being squished by the kid on the trike. His brother Chet is a garden supervisor and when Turbo causes mischief, both he and Chet find themselves without jobs.

While wandering around sad and lonely one night, Turbo is swept onto a road and sucked into a car engine and infused with nitrous oxide. Suddenly Turbo is the snail he always dreamed he could be. He is fast.

Very fast.

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