Movie Review : Robocop (2014)


A reboot of the 1987 smash hit original, Robocop 2014 opens with a glitzy American style propaganda program, hosted by a smarmily perfect, over-the-top Samuel L Jackson, extolling the virtues of robotic peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan. The machines look a lot like the alien machines in TV’s Falling Skies ….and the War of the World machines. Hmmmmm

But anyway …..

As well as these machines, there are humanlike robots who the evil multi national corporation, Omnicorp, hopes will replace police of the streets back in the USA. There are billions to be made from these robots but the people dont like them. They need the human touch and when good cop Alex Murphy (Kinnaman) is almost killed by a car bomb, it seems their prayers are answered. The company is given permission by Alex’s grieving wife Clara (Cornish) to do what they have to do to keep him alive. Understandably, she just wants her husband and their son David’s (Ruttan) father back.

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Movie Review : Paranoia



Adam (Hemsworth) and Kevin (Till) are a couple of young, smart and savvy go-getters who have worked for many years at an unsatisfying entry-level position for a major multinational tech design company. They have an idea they hope will make them rich and pitch it to their less than impressed tyrannical boss Wyatt (Oldman). Adam is drowning in the medical bills incurred by his father Frank (Dreyfuss) and he sees this chance as his last to try make his mark on the world.

Across town, Wyatt’s former boss and mortal enemy Goddard (Harrison) is plotting nothing less than the total destruction of his business and personal nemesis. Wyatt always though Goddard would fail without him and that hasn’t exactly happened so the animosity between these two men is bitter and deep.

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