Movie Review : Carrie


This movie is a ‘ re-imagining ‘ of the 1976 cult classic of the same name. Both are (obviously) based on the Stephen King novel which, when I read it as a teenager struggling with my own angst and feelings of not belonging, spoke to me in a creepily, disturbing way. Stephen King novels are like that though. Oh what I would have given to have had Carrie’s powers. But I digress…..

Carrie (Moretz)  is the shy, meek daughter of religious zealot Margaret (Moore). Margaret is terrified Carrie will succumb to the temptations of the world and thus suffocates her with religion, hovering and creeping about the house always watching and waiting. Carrie has been home schooled for much of her life and is an outcast at school. She is heartbreakingly naive and an easy target for the school mean girl bitches who torment her every chance they get.

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