Fractured Heart at the NFSA – Gotye / Illuminart

Photo borrowed from

Photo borrowed from


On my recent trip to Canberra, I visited the National Film and Sound Archive  …. you can find them on Facebook here …… to check it out and just have a look around. As you all know, I love all things Aussie on TV and at the movies so this was the perfect place to spend some time learning more about our history in both areas.

There are some wonderful exhibits and I had a great time wandering down memory lane. There is a reference library but I didn’t go in because I had no real reason to but mostly because I thought if I started reading, I may never leave.

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Heatherbrae Fire – October 2013 #RFS #NSWRFS


heatherbrae from airport thursday

October 17, 2013

I didn’t take that picture. It was taken by somebody at Newcastle Airport sometime today ….. this morning I think. It looks bad, huh? It IS bad…..and it got worse.

It’s currently 9.22pm and I am sitting in my empty house, the air filled with smoke, the night sky glowing outside, knowing that I should have left an hour ago. First we got the text alert message advising us to seek shelter as the fire approaches. Then the phone call came…. on the landline that is reserved for telemarketers and the odd overseas call to use up the money I pay for it.

But I cannot bring myself to leave.

I dont care about my things or my stuff…..I have good insurance and that will all be replaced. My family has been despatched to safety, it’s why I am here alone. So why am I still here?

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Coffee Review : Hennessy Coffee


A few weeks ago I got chatting with this lovely guy and he tells me he works for a coffee company. An Aussie coffee company YAY.  As I let the envy subside, I told him I was a blogger… reviews but I review other stuff as well. He said I should look them up ….

So I did…..

After a few facebook inboxes and an email or two,  the most divinely aromatic package arrived on my doorstep. Now I love coffee. I mean I LOOOOOOOOOOVE coffee. Ohhhhh yes, this was going to be a real treat.

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Mr April – Pup


This is my Pup. Pup is a friend and put this picture on his Facebook a few weeks ago. Clearly, Pup is completely inebriated….. or pissed as we like to say here in Oz…. and thought posting this was very funny. And it was……it is. He was being particularly cheeky the day he posted this and I told him if he didn’t behave, I would blog about him and post his picture here.

‘ Go on, I dare you ‘ said he. So here he is. What’s left of his modesty shielded by a strategically placed bar stool. I also took the liberty of tarting up the pic ….. the grainy black and white stuff…… and protecting his identity…… classy all the way 😉


naked pup edit


So what do we think?

Personally, I am bemused by the whole situation. You see, Pup is my Dexter, The Walking Dead and Game of  Thrones buddy. And yep, I believe he has actually read the books too. He thinks stickers of baby animals in work pods are cute and funny. He eats junk food like only the young with metabolisms working at hyper speed can. So I stand back, shake my head at his antics and maintain bemused status.

So why do I call him Pup? Basically because no matter what he does or says to piss you off…. bother you …… annoy you …. or simply antagonise you for his own amusement, he gives you these big puppy dog eyes and all is forgiven. At least momentarily 😉

He’s a great guy so if anyone is interested, I believe he is currently available and all genuine offers will be passed onto him.

My email is You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook

Just to be clear, he is not for sale because…….well that’s illegal and immoral and if I ventured into that territory, he would no longer be my Pup, he would be my Ho……… Ma Ho. Hmmmmm

Note To Self: look into legalities of pimping in NSW.

Ohhhhhh look how cool I would look as a pimp!


lady pimp


Note to Self Part II: Discuss with Pup advantages of being Ma Ho…..


Ladies is pimps too


It will be very interesting watching and reading the reactions to Pup…… both here and privately.

Now to go and tag the shit out of this post ha ha ha ha ha

Disclaimer:  ‘ Mr April ‘  is over the age of 18, is aware of the nature of the blog and this post and has given full consent to the use of his picture here. There has been no exchange of money or goods and this picture remains the property of the subject. All rights reserved.