Movie Review : 12 Years a Slave


Based on the true story, Solomon Northup (Ejiofor) is a well-respected and happily married father of 2 young children. The year is 1841 and Solomon makes a very decent living as a musician. Overnight he loses everything …. he is betrayed, drugged and shipped south to New Orleans where he is sold into slavery.

In the week or so it takes for the sea journey south, every attempt is made to strip these slaves of their humanity and dignity. When they are sold …. in an actual shop…. they are stood naked and poked and prodded as if they were nothing but animals. Children are ripped screaming from their mothers. Families are torn apart.


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Movie Review – August: Osage County


Based on Tracey Letts’ Pulitzer prize-winning play of the same name, this is the story of the Weston’s….. a family so dysfunctional, so broken that you think things could not be any worse for them.

Well you would be wrong.

Headed by the drug addled cancer survivor mother  Violet (Streep), the family’s 3 daughters Barbara (Roberts), Ivy (Nicholson) and Karen (Lewis) are summoned  home when their father Beverley (Shepard) goes missing. And yes, you do get the feeling that should their mother have gone missing, they may not even have answered the phone let alone come home.

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Movie Review : The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug (3D HFR)



This second instalment in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy sees Bilbo Baggins (Freeman), Gandalf (McKellen), Thorin (Armitage) and their band of dwarf companions continue on their quest to Erebor.

I suppose it’s rather superfluous to delve too deeply into the plot because chances are if you are going to see The Hobbit…..or even thinking about seeing it…. you know what it’s about. We have journeyed through Jackson’s vision of Tolkien’s world for 12 years now so we pretty much know what to expect. And there is one very welcome return…..Legolas (Bloom) in all his eternally youthful Elvin glory.

The movie opens with the initial meeting of Gandalf and Thorin when Gandalf promises to return Lonely Mountain to him. We jump forward 12 months and the group are still questing towards their goal. As they approach the ancient, evil forest of Mirkwood, Gandalf tells them he has urgent business elsewhere and they must pass through the forest without his help. Then he disappears. We see him briefly throughout the movie but it’s all a bit mysterious what he is really up to.

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