Movie Review: Tracks



Based on a true story and the book of the same name,  Robyn Davidson (Wasikowska) is just 27 years old when she travels to Alice Springs with just a few belongings and a dog. She intends to make the 2000 or so kilometre trek from Alice Springs to the ocean solo.

Yep alone.

To do this, she knows she needs a few extra things. Some camels and some serious experience training and tending to the camels. For this part, she works and barters her way to being the proud owner of 3 camels (there is a sweet surprise in store for her regarding her fourth camel 😉 ) Now she needs some money to fund her great adventure.

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Movie Review : Wolf Creek 2


It’s been almost 10 years since Mick Taylor (Jarratt) reminded us just how dangerous it can be to traverse the deserted roads and highways of Australia’s interior. The gorgeous sights, sounds and spectacular views do little to mask the absolute isolation and desolation that we Aussies kind of take for granted but can seem unnerving for tourists. Wolf Creek was a scary, creepy, blood drenched slasher pic with Taylor’s now (almost) iconic laugh enough to send chills down your spine.

So what went wrong?

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Movie Review: Goddess [PG] #Goddess #GoddessMovie #Magda #RonanKeating


Director : Mark Lamprell

Starring : Laura Michelle Kelly, Ronan Keating, Magda Szubanski,Dustin Clare , Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Pia Miranda, Corinne Grant, Cameron Lyon, Lucy Durack

Running Time : 105 minutes

Release Date :   In Cinemas Now

Adapted for the screen from Joanna Weinberg’s stage show, Elspeth Dickens (Kelly) is a frustrated wife and mother, stuck in rural Tasmania with twin toddlers as her husband James (Keating) sails off to Antarctica every few weeks to record whale songs. Elspeth is a Brit import and has struck a deal with her Irish husband to move to Australia so he can follow his dream of studying whales. When their twins go to school, he will take over the main child rearing duties. She’s finding it hard to make friends and is snubbed by the local mothers group who sneer at and judge her behind her back.




Aware that his wife is lonely and unhappy, James gives her a webcam so they can keep in contact while he is away saving the whales. Unable to contact her husband, Elspeth sets up the webcam and shares her Sink Songs with the world. Frustrated that she has no viewers, she calls in the local tech geek/supermarket employee Neil (Lyon) who sets her up online and BAM….. she has an enraptured audience.




It’s not long before the webcast catches the eye of a PR company searching for a woman to spearhead a webisode campaign for a new range of ipads called Goddess. Elspeth is quickly flown to Sydney where she is mentored by corporate bitch with a heart Cassandra Wolfe (real life Aussie Goddess and icon Szubanski) into becoming the face of this new Goddess range of computers.




Elspeth is faced with all the realities and tough choices that comes with success and motherhood. She sets up a nanny cam to keep an eye on her sons while she is away and inadvertently sets it to broadcast from her website. The world watches, completely mesmerised, as her hunky husband comes home and deals with his children, his life and their new cute and perky nanny Cherry (Durack).




I am not a fan of movie musicals. I’m just not. They bore me and I have even avoided the much-lauded Les Miserables because I didn’t want to be murdered as I slept and snored my way through a Hugh Jackman movie. For those who don’t know, sleeping your way through a Hugh Jackman movie is actually a punishable crime here in Australia …… *winks*

And may I add that the house used in the movie is my absolute dream house and I would give almost anything to own it *sighs*




So with this in mind, I cannot believe I almost missed this movie because of my aversion to musicals. This move is wonderful. Unashamedly a chick flick, it has all the elements that make a truly feel good piece of modern musical escapism. It is fun and funny, quirky and charming, with lots of cute and catchy songs throughout.

Laura Kelly is a gorgeous and divinely adorable leading lady. She can sing and is not a bad actress. Her scenes with her twin sons, who have quirks of their own… refuses to remove his butterfly/angel/bee wings and the other refuse to poop…. are endearing and delightful. Every single mum in the cinema will shuffle awkwardly and laugh out loud as Elspeth deals with her sons throwing a terrifyingly familiar tantrum in the local supermarket as everyone looks on, full of judgement.




Ronan Keating is an absolute hunk. This is the Boyzone guy right? He’s on some Aussie TV show which I will now be watching religiously. WOW! He was always a good-looking man but this mature, gorgeous, tatted up creature is something else. And that Irish accent………are you kidding me. Beware of blue-eyed Irish boys my Irish grandmother used to say. Oh Nanna but why… *sighs* A gratuitous Ronan pic? I think so …..




Magda Szubanski is, as always, beyond fabulous. And she is looking amazing, absolutely amazing. She plays the highly strung, highly ambitious PR woman to high camp perfection. She stays just this side of being over the top and she is simply wonderful. Full of insight and insincere PR wisdom, she stole every scene she was in.

This whole movie made me laugh and smile. I don’t think I went for more than a few minutes without a grin on my face. It did have a  few sombre moments as the relationship between Elspeth and James began to unravel and as the choices a mother has to make weighed heavily on our heroine.




I would absolutely recommend you go and see this movie. Take a few girlfriends and make a night of it. It has everything a chick flick should have. A nice script…. not to demanding or taxing on the brain but what are we here for? Lots of catchy songs…. a couple of cute kids…a gorgeous leading man….and lots and lots of Aussie humour. Oh and speaking of Aussie…….not one single cringeworthy stereotype was spotted during the entire movie. Lots of modern stereotypes, of course, but not a single g’day mate or thick ocker accent. Phew!

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy yourself a pair of hot pink washing up gloves and support our local movie industry. I promise you will have a great time as well


Love Flick xx


Big Mamma’s Boy [PG]


Director : Franco di Chiera
Starring : Frank Lotito, Holly Valance, Carmelina Di Guglielmo
Running Time : 94 minutes
DVD Release Date : Out now

‘A comedy about life, love and lasagna.’

Rocco (Lotito) is a 35 year old Aussie man of Italian descent still living at home with his mother (Di Guglielmo). Although he is a successful Real Estate Agent and could well afford to live on his own, he stays at home. Mamma does everything for him. She cooks, cleans, makes his lunch…..she even makes sure his little red sports car is buffed to perfection. Then Rocco meets and falls for Kate (Valance) and she challenges him to live on his own to win her heart. And hilarity ensues…..right?


The idea behind this movie is actually a great one. Australia is a multi-cultural society and many of us, especially those of a certain age, know these Mamma’s boys. It is quite a, dare I say it, foreign concept to a large segment of the Aussie population that a grown man would have no inclination to leave home. Of course, with the economy the way it is now, this attitude has altered slightly. But you stay at home between houses or jobs. Or to save for a house of your own. You don’t stay at home just because you can.

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