Movie Review : Wolf Creek 2


It’s been almost 10 years since Mick Taylor (Jarratt) reminded us just how dangerous it can be to traverse the deserted roads and highways of Australia’s interior. The gorgeous sights, sounds and spectacular views do little to mask the absolute isolation and desolation that we Aussies kind of take for granted but can seem unnerving for tourists. Wolf Creek was a scary, creepy, blood drenched slasher pic with Taylor’s now (almost) iconic laugh enough to send chills down your spine.

So what went wrong?

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Fractured Heart at the NFSA – Gotye / Illuminart

Photo borrowed from

Photo borrowed from


On my recent trip to Canberra, I visited the National Film and Sound Archive  …. you can find them on Facebook here …… to check it out and just have a look around. As you all know, I love all things Aussie on TV and at the movies so this was the perfect place to spend some time learning more about our history in both areas.

There are some wonderful exhibits and I had a great time wandering down memory lane. There is a reference library but I didn’t go in because I had no real reason to but mostly because I thought if I started reading, I may never leave.

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Movie : Backyard Ashes – My exclusive interview with Director Mark Grentell



Every summer, in backyards all over Australia, starry eyed youngsters with dreams of bowling like Mitchell Johnson or batting like Michael Clarke join their dads who still dream of bowling like Glenn McGrath or batting like Steve Waugh in games of backyard cricket. Wheelie bins are transformed into stumps …… fences, BBQ’s, eskys and garden sheds are declared as either in or out……and families and friends negotiate the age limit at which the grown-ups are no longer allowed to help the kids catch or bowl someone out.

It is against this background that this new Aussie movie is set. Well its not quite as simple as a family gathering…… a whinging pom moves in next door to Dougie Waters (oh yeah…..they went there) and after a kerfuffle with a cat, The Backyard Ashes are on! Check out the hilarious trailer….conveniently linked at the end of my post.

So as two of my great loves……. Aussie movies and cricket …… collide, I was lucky enough to have a chat with the movie’s Director Mark Grentell. He is a busy man with the movie going into more cinemas every week but spared some time to answer some questions exclusively for my little blog. YAY!

Here is what he had to say ….. Mark’s answers are in italics.

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Movie Review : The Turning

A collection of short films based on stories by Australian writer Tim Winton.



This Australian production is being marketed as a cinematic event and it is exactly that. An event. With a run time of 180 minutes and even an intermission break, to label it simply as a movie would be to do it a great disservice and would also be entirely inaccurate. Based on the Tim Winton short story collection of the same name, it stars some of our countries finest actors and some bright young things to keep your eyes on. Behind the scenes, the lists of names is just as impressive with some well-known actors making their directorial debut.

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Documentary Review : Pompeii Live from the British Museum


The first live cinema event ever produced by the British Museum, offering an exclusive private view of the major exhibition, Life and death in Pompeii and Herculaneum.

As the title suggests, this major event was originally broadcast live throughout the UK just a few months ago. Now, at selected cinemas in Australia, including the Tower Cinemas Newcastle, you too can be a part of this groundbreaking event.

On display are items owned by the British Museum, along with many more loaned from museums at Pompeii. Each group of artifacts are presented with expert advise and contributions from historian Mary Beard, Rachel de Thame, Giorgio Locatelli and Bettany Hughes.

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Movie Marathon Weekend ….


Over the last weekend, I saw 5 movies. Yep 5. And you know what was the best thing about the whole weekend?

4 of those movies had Aussie’s starring in them.

2 were even Australian made indies.

So YAY for Aussie’s doing us proud here and overseas. And YAY to Event Cinemas Glendale and Tower Cinemas Newcastle for proudly supporting Aussie film.


Love Flick x




Movie Review : McLean’s Money


Edward McLean (Szeps) is a successful and very wealthy business man. He suffers a medical emergency which lands him in the hospital. During his stay he encounters two people who will change his life. The first is a local drug baron Bernard Mueller (Gubbay) and the second is the hospital’s chaplain Father Joyce (Mailath).

Mueller has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and Father Joyce is not only searching for ways to save your soul from eternal damnation, he is also searching for funds to rebuild his parish church. This gives Edward an idea….. how would his family react if he told them he was terminally ill and was donating all his worldly goods to charity. As you can imagine, the results are mixed.

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Fundraiser to Reunite a Family!

dove logo

My friends at The Hunter Woman are holding a fundraiser next Thursday night, July 25, to reunite a family. The story behind this fundraiser is as inspiring as it is heartbreaking

The night is being held for the Africa Australia Alliance for Peace and Reconciliation and as well as enjoying some great company and nibbly things, the main event is undoubtedly the silent auction. There are some amazing items up for auction.

So please visit The Hunter Woman here to buy tickets, show support or even donate.

Love Flick x



Movie Review : Pacific Rim


In the future, the world is plagued by attacks from sea monsters known as the Kaiju. In response to this threat of total annihilation, we create our own monster machines, Jaegars, which are capable of killing the Kaiju. These Jaegars are controlled by a pair of human pilots/operators who connect telepathically, known as ‘drifting’. The Kaiju are then relegated to the status of large but completely manageable pests… much so that they spawn toys, jokes and even game shows. The Jaegar pilots become the new rock stars of the planet, lauded and feted wherever they go.

But then the Kaiju evolve and the Jaegars become all but useless defence weapons. The world is on the brink of disaster and humans will be hunted to extinction. Governments spring into action and, naturally, the Jaegar program is given notice that it will be shut down within months.\

Unwilling to accept defeat and the government’s decision to shut it down, the Jaegar program is now rogue….

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The Travelling Film Festival : Newcastle Tower Cinemas June 21 – 23



The Sydney Travelling Film Festival: On the road with the best on screen

Australia’s longest running travelling film festival bringing world cinema to regional Australia.

Founded by David Stratton in 1974, the TFF is committed to providing audiences in regional Australia with access to films they would otherwise not have the opportunity to see on the big screen, the TFF presents cinema in a festival environment and promotes a film experience that encourages debate, community involvement and interaction. In addition to screenings, the TFF presents regional Australia with the opportunity to meet film industry professionals through its film industry guest and workshop program. The TFF facilitates a direct and invaluable dialogue between regional audiences, local film practitioners and Australia’s wider film community, an opportunity enthusiastically embraced by both parties.


7pm The Look of Love (CTC)
Screens with short: The Chuck In
12pm Tabu (MA15+)
2.15pm The Human Scale (PG)
Screens with short: Pablo’s Villa
6pm Mood Indigo (UC)
8.30pm The East (UC)
11.30am The Act of Killing (UC)
2.30pm Tenderness (UC)
6pm The Hunt (MA15+)
8pm Muscle Shoals (UC)


Please visit the website here for more details.