Movie Review : Saving Mr Banks


Mary Poppins, the book and the movie, are classics. There is no need to elaborate further on either one because if you are bothering to read a review of Saving Mr Banks, you are already familiar with one or the other……and possibly both.

But this is the story of the book’s author PL Travers (Thompson) and her struggle with Walt Disney (Hanks) to have the movie made just as she wanted. Mrs Travers was not about to have her beloved Mary Poppins turned into a Disney cartoon and Disney was not about to take no for an answer. He had promised his daughters when they were children that he would make them a movie about Mary Poppins and he was not about to break that promise. Disney was also an astute businessman so lets not forget that.

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Coffee Review : Hennessy Coffee


A few weeks ago I got chatting with this lovely guy and he tells me he works for a coffee company. An Aussie coffee company YAY.  As I let the envy subside, I told him I was a blogger… reviews but I review other stuff as well. He said I should look them up ….

So I did…..

After a few facebook inboxes and an email or two,  the most divinely aromatic package arrived on my doorstep. Now I love coffee. I mean I LOOOOOOOOOOVE coffee. Ohhhhh yes, this was going to be a real treat.

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Movie Review : Planes



Dusty is a little crop duster who dreams of entering an Around the World air race. His best friends, forklift/mechanic Dottie and fuel truck Chug, dont think he has a chance of even qualifying but they help and support him anyway. Dusty wants to race so much, he even asks the mysterious old fighter plane Skipper to help him. So together with Skipper’s forklift Sparky, they train Dusty until he is the best and fastest crop duster he can be.

Once he qualifies, Dusty sets off to meet his fellow competitors. There is the snobby British plane Bulldog, the serene Indian plane Ishani, the feisty and romantically inclined Mexican plane, El Chupacabra and the reigning champ Ripslinger to name a few.

Then there is the feisty Aussie plane, Rochelle …. my personal favourite for obvious reasons …… and some not so obvious reasons too 😉

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Movie Review : Stoker


India Stoker (Wasikowska) lost her adored father in a tragic and mysterious accident on her 18th birthday. At the wake, her mother Evelyn (Kidman) introduces India to the uncle she never knew she had, Charlie (Goode). He has been travelling the world all of these years……..he is quite the mysterious man.

Evelyn announces that Uncle Charlie will be staying with them and he begins to ingratiate himself into Evelyn’s life and bed all the while doing little to hide his attraction to the awkward and introverted India. India, in return, slowly becomes obsessed with her uncle.

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Documentary Review : Red Obsession



This documentary caught my eye when the trailer showed a bottle of bordeaux wine being sold to a Chinese wine connoisseur for $1.5million. Ohhhh yeah I gotta see what this is about.

This Australian made documentary, narrated by Russell Crowe, begins with gorgeously seductive shots of miles and miles of French vineyards. We meet some wine makers and they share with us some of the secrets of a great wine…. it’s all so romantic and French and *sighs*

We then receive a basic introduction into wine gradings and the more financial side of things. Why are some bordeaux the most expensive in the world. What makes this region so perfect for winemaking. It is all lovely and gorgeous and fascinating.

It then broadens into the actual wine market. I learn about vintages and why there are some special vintages and why they are prized. I also learn, to my utter disbelief, that the major decisions regarding the success of a year’s vintage are down to a very few people. A handful of wine tasters and judges and writers. Wine is big business. Huge.

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Movie Marathon Weekend ….


Over the last weekend, I saw 5 movies. Yep 5. And you know what was the best thing about the whole weekend?

4 of those movies had Aussie’s starring in them.

2 were even Australian made indies.

So YAY for Aussie’s doing us proud here and overseas. And YAY to Event Cinemas Glendale and Tower Cinemas Newcastle for proudly supporting Aussie film.


Love Flick x




Movie Review : McLean’s Money


Edward McLean (Szeps) is a successful and very wealthy business man. He suffers a medical emergency which lands him in the hospital. During his stay he encounters two people who will change his life. The first is a local drug baron Bernard Mueller (Gubbay) and the second is the hospital’s chaplain Father Joyce (Mailath).

Mueller has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and Father Joyce is not only searching for ways to save your soul from eternal damnation, he is also searching for funds to rebuild his parish church. This gives Edward an idea….. how would his family react if he told them he was terminally ill and was donating all his worldly goods to charity. As you can imagine, the results are mixed.

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Movie Review: I Give It a Year [M] #igiveitayear



Director : Dan Mazer

Starring : Rose Byrne, Anna Faris, Simon Baker, Minnie Driver, Stephen Merchant, Rafe Spall

Running Time : 97 minutes

Release Date :   In Cinemas Now

Nat (Byrne) and Josh (Spall)  are a newly dating couple. For just 7 months to be exact. The first few minutes are a montage of their romance, culminating in their wedding when the movie shifts to real-time. But this is no happy marriage and the couple are in therapy within months. Nobody expects this marriage to last, thus the title.

Josh is a writer suffering writer’s block as he struggles to pen his second novel. This infuriates Nat who complains that he is ‘always here (home) ‘. He is buoyed and enabled by his best mate Danny (Merchant). Josh has unresolved feelings for his ex Chloe (Faris) and the two engage in a merry dance of will they or won’t they.


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Nat is a successful advertising type and is soon pitching an account to the wealthy and handsome Guy (Baker). The two share an immediate attraction and Nat is encouraged by her colleagues to seem available. Nat’s sister Naomi (Driver) is gorgeously snarky and caustic as she endlessly shares with her sister the disappointments and drudgery of married life.

This movie has an interesting premise…’s an anti romantic comedy.  A couple who fall in love and marry within 7 months. Marry in haste, repent at leisure as they say. Their relationship is played out in a therapist’s office and we have a real he said, she said scenario with the exception that they both tend to agree that this marriage really was a bug mistake. At first I thought it was just one of those quirky Brit films, like Four Weddings and a Funeral, that you had to persevere with for a little while before it’s subtle humour grabbed you. And so I waited ….


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It has all the elements of greatness, including a powerhouse cast. I am a big fan of the quirky and irrepressible Faris and the goofy, gangly Merchant and, of course, I do love to support my fellow Aussies. Byrne is serenely stunning and Baker is swoon-worthy, movie matinée idol delicious. But it just didn’t work for me. It never quite clicked and found it’s momentum. Don’t get me wrong, it had its moments and there were some laughs but they were few and far between.




I found Merchant’s character in particular to be vulgar and tacky. It was real schoolboy humour and …… just no. Faris was made as dowdy and frumpy as possible as just never shone as she normally does. Both of these great actors can blame a lacklustre script and bad directing for their disappointing turns in this movie.

This movie has received very mixed reviews and the split really is 50/50. And by reviews, I mean talking with my fellow cinema goers and friends who have seen the movie. It was not my cup of tea but was worth it for the eye candy that is Mr Simon Baker.

Yes please ….




Something Beautiful … January 18



So the temperature got to 44.8 degrees celsius today in my part of the world ….



It was still 40 degrees at 8pm….




According to this news story in the Sydney Morning Herald ” The Bureau of Meteorology’s interactive weather forecasting chart has added new colours – deep purple and pink – to extend its previous temperature range that had been capped at 50 degrees.”




At about 8pm, thunderstorms finally broke the heat and the temperature dropped by 10 degrees in less than an hour…..




The Courier Mail reported that it was so hot today, roads actually melted ….

It was so hot in Sydney’s northwest that a 20km section of Bells Line of Road started to melt, with authorities cutting the speed limit to 60km/h because of safety fears.


Gotta love being an Aussie ….