Fractured Heart at the NFSA – Gotye / Illuminart

Photo borrowed from

Photo borrowed from


On my recent trip to Canberra, I visited the National Film and Sound Archive  …. you can find them on Facebook here …… to check it out and just have a look around. As you all know, I love all things Aussie on TV and at the movies so this was the perfect place to spend some time learning more about our history in both areas.

There are some wonderful exhibits and I had a great time wandering down memory lane. There is a reference library but I didn’t go in because I had no real reason to but mostly because I thought if I started reading, I may never leave.

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Gifts for me…..


Because I am the luckiest girl in the world ……

As you may recall, I am a self-proclaimed handbag whore…. this is my post about buying myself the perfect handbag.

But this was a gift which makes it ohhhhhhhhhh soooooooo sweet.

They are genuine Cath Kidston and I am in love *sighs*

Thank you ❤


Love from a very happy Flick xx



Coffee Review : Hennessy Coffee


A few weeks ago I got chatting with this lovely guy and he tells me he works for a coffee company. An Aussie coffee company YAY.  As I let the envy subside, I told him I was a blogger… reviews but I review other stuff as well. He said I should look them up ….

So I did…..

After a few facebook inboxes and an email or two,  the most divinely aromatic package arrived on my doorstep. Now I love coffee. I mean I LOOOOOOOOOOVE coffee. Ohhhhh yes, this was going to be a real treat.

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25 ways to wear a scarf …..



Scarves…… I LOVE scarves. LOVE THEM!!

I dont really do fashion…. I do black ….. what I do is scarves and handbags (this is my perfect handbag)

So to help other scarf tragics like myself, here is a quick and easy How To video….. and no this isnt me 😉


Oh wow…No reviews in 2 weeks!

Worse still is that I haven’t even seen a new movie in 2 weeks and it’s been even longer since I picked up a book *sighs*

So here is my last few weeks….. in pictures because …. well just because…


As you may recall I have been dealing with …



Oh and there was so much ….


fluent in lies bullshit

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Fundraiser to Reunite a Family!

dove logo

My friends at The Hunter Woman are holding a fundraiser next Thursday night, July 25, to reunite a family. The story behind this fundraiser is as inspiring as it is heartbreaking

The night is being held for the Africa Australia Alliance for Peace and Reconciliation and as well as enjoying some great company and nibbly things, the main event is undoubtedly the silent auction. There are some amazing items up for auction.

So please visit The Hunter Woman here to buy tickets, show support or even donate.

Love Flick x



Something Beautiful: From the Mouths of Babes ….


A simple request from a mother for her little one to eat his dinner resulted in a lesson for all of us. I may not cease my non vegetarian eating habits but it does make you stop and think when the truth is seen through the eyes of a child.


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The best macarons in the entire universe ….. cup cakes are SO 2012!


Think I am exaggerating or kidding? Well take a look at these home-made, delicious offerings from my shiny new friends Tiffany and Sandra at Sinnamon


Flavours include violet crumble, salty caramel, baileys, Tim Tams....the list truly in endless.

Flavours include violet crumble, salted caramel, Baileys, Tim Tams….the list truly is endless.



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The Perfect Handbag ….



As a self-professed handbag whore, these words are my Holy Grail. So here goes …..

My quest to find the perfect hand bag is over.

At last.

I have found The One


79.95 Bettie Page handbag from Catfight Collections

79.95 Bettie Page handbag from Catfight Collections

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Something Beautiful: Tea Time – #T2 #strawberriesandcream #obsessed


Somebody PLEASE stop me from visiting this store……. I spend a fortune each time I cross the threshold. My family has been shown exactly which teapot and cup and saucer set I want for Mother’s Day. I can’t find a picture online otherwise I would share 😉

This week’s obsession? Strawberries and Cream…





Absolutely scrumptious.

I use this gadget to brew at home….

t2 tea gadget

I will have to go back in during the week to get a pic of my cup and saucer set.