My Great Big Gym Odyssey – Day 3 (am)


Day 3

At the gym by 5.15am…forgot ipod. Shit!

Watching boring music videos on [V], including but not limited to Beyonce wearing a wedding dress and whining about someone she never had. Luckily, I was soon distracted by Mr Hot Built Guy with Tatts. Non tribal tatts so that’s always a bonus these days.

He was wearing this singlet….but in black. No I was not complaining either 🙂

Small moment of eye contact and a good morning smile then he was on the treadmill and matching my pace. Of course, he was breaking into a sprint every few minutes….again, no complaints from me.

So I increased my walking speed by a little and did my 21 minutes…. YAY!!

My right foot was hurting…. not the shin today, just the outside of my foot…. and I felt like it was rolling out…so I must confer with a work colleague who happens to be a bit of a sport/fitness type expert and was advising me on the proper footwear yesterday. Took a few snaps of my shoes to show him and I am sure after a quick visit to the shops on my lunch break, all will be fixed by this afternoon. I think I need one of those slide in sole things…yeah whatever they are called LOL

I got a text while I was at the gym asking if this is the song I was hearing. Ha ha ha not quite.maybe soon 😉

I feel really good that I am actually doing something positive for myself. Have a great day.

Love Flick xx

My Great Big Gym Odyssey – Day 2 (am)

Day 2

Up at 5am….

Okay 5.15am….then straight to the gym…..okay coffee, whinging then straight off to the gym.

Treadmill for 20minutes and not dead YAY!

Calves started burning at around 17 minutes but powered through like a real trooper.

Starship Trooper?

Storm Trooper?

Goals achieved: up at 5am (ish) and 20 minutes on the treadmill

Have a great day 🙂

Love Flick xoxo

My Great Big Gym Odyssey – Day 1

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Day 1

Had my gym orientation with the friendly & supportive staff. Also met my personal trainer, Miss T. Miss T is fabulous and not too perky….which I am enjoying. I don’t think I will like perky at 5am LOL Have to meet her on Friday to run through a training programme.

Did 2 minutes on the treadmill and can feel the fitness flooding through me. Okay so that’s not strictly true but I did do 2 minutes on the treadmill.

I also got on this machine and did leg lifts….

I saw this machine and just stared at it. Did I want to have a go? Ummm no thanks….It’s a cross trainer. How nice for it *insert very fake smile here* I am fine just looking at it for now….

Back tomorrow at 5am to start getting fit and fabulous!

Oh this is the perfect opportunity to include pics of a certain Mr Manganiello working out…..because I am working out so it’s not superfluous. Do you like what I did there?

I wonder if he will be my workout buddy?

And to finish, this will be looping on my ipod at 5am tomorrow…. RAWR!!!

Love Flick xox