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Do you remember the first Disney Princess you wanted to be? I do….


It is a tale that had me spellbound. I guess it still does.  It has the rest of the world spellbound too because it is one repeated in movie after movie after movie. Of course, these days Cinderella is likely to be a struggling Uni student and Prince Charming is the local butcher who searches the world…. or at least Facebook ….. until he finds her. But the story is the same…true love and a kind, pure heart can conquer all.


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The Travelling Film Festival : Newcastle Tower Cinemas June 21 – 23



The Sydney Travelling Film Festival: On the road with the best on screen

Australia’s longest running travelling film festival bringing world cinema to regional Australia.

Founded by David Stratton in 1974, the TFF is committed to providing audiences in regional Australia with access to films they would otherwise not have the opportunity to see on the big screen, the TFF presents cinema in a festival environment and promotes a film experience that encourages debate, community involvement and interaction. In addition to screenings, the TFF presents regional Australia with the opportunity to meet film industry professionals through its film industry guest and workshop program. The TFF facilitates a direct and invaluable dialogue between regional audiences, local film practitioners and Australia’s wider film community, an opportunity enthusiastically embraced by both parties.


7pm The Look of Love (CTC)
Screens with short: The Chuck In
12pm Tabu (MA15+)
2.15pm The Human Scale (PG)
Screens with short: Pablo’s Villa
6pm Mood Indigo (UC)
8.30pm The East (UC)
11.30am The Act of Killing (UC)
2.30pm Tenderness (UC)
6pm The Hunt (MA15+)
8pm Muscle Shoals (UC)


Please visit the website here for more details.


Movie Review: On The Road #FFShout #IDAHO




Director : Walter Salles

Starring :  Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams, Tom Sturridge, Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst, Danny Morgan, Elisabeth Moss, Alice Braga, Terrence Howard, Steve Buscemi

Running Time : 124 minutes

Release Date :   Showing at the ShOUT! Film Festival, Friday 17 May….. booking details here

The best teacher is experience

Based on the classic Jack Kerouac novel of the same name, this is the tale of budding writer Sal Paradise (Riley) as he traverses America in search of …… something. Once he meets the dangerously seductive Dean (Hedlund) and his teenage bride Marylou (Stewart), his life is forever transformed. This trio form the core group for an array of travellers who drift in and out of Sal’s life, all leaving an indelible impact on the young man and what would ultimately become his defining work.


Now, I feel it prudent to mention that I have not read Kerouac’s On The Road. Nor am I an expert on Kerouac …. or his works…. or the beat generation. But the reality is this novel IS the work he is noted for. Mention Kerouac and even those of us with only fleeting knowledge of the man immediately think of On The Road.

Why am I rattling on about the book? Well that would be because after I watched the movie last night, I was intrigued enough to do a little research on Kerouac. And what did I find? Many people who have read the book and watched the movie did not feel the movie was a true reflection of the novel and thus, were disappointed in the final result. But I am not coming from that place. I have nothing to compare my movie viewing experience with so for me, it’s all organic.


So back to the movie…. and while I do not condone drug or alcohol use or abuse, I won’t be moralising either.

I found this movie intriguing and intoxicating…. sexy and sensual…. lush and languid….. honest and heartbreaking…..but also a little pretentious at times. There were moments that made me wish I was young and carefree again as these young people drank and took drugs for days on end, sleeping between bouts of philosophical musings and inward thinking, with no thought to the consequences or the future. Their endless quest for meaning and spiritual insight is something familiar to many of us. I’m still a searcher (which may explain my almost constant state of restlessness) but I no longer have the luxury of spending days on end stoned or travelling while I search. Yeah so perhaps I am a little envious of this carefree existence. But that’s what it’s all about right?


The movie’s protagonists take to the road many times and along the way meet a collection of seemingly random but always life changing people. Each person has something unique to offer, something unique they endure. Sal’s close friend Carlo (Sturridge) pines endlessly for Dean. He writes poetry for and muses with great insight on their relationship. Dean indulges sexually but does not love him back. Dean indulges with almost everyone, in one way or another. Emotionally, sexually, philosophically or as a simple business transaction….. all roads lead to Dean.


This movie reminds me of My Own Private Idaho. Not so much the storyline, although the relationship  between Sal and Dean is vaguely reminiscent of that between Scott and Mike in the aforementioned movie. It’s the general feel of the movie. The cinematography….. the use of the American landscape almost as another character. Lots of long sweeping shots of the endless roads, clever use of filters and colours to enhance or detract. Seasons coming and going to mark time and the arrival or departure of co-travellers.


The cast does a superb job of bringing the movie to life. As this is a movie full of cameos, all actors excepting the core trio, had little time to showcase their exceptionally quirky and nuanced characters. From the little known Sturridge to the Oscar nominated Mortensen and Adams, each person is brought to life with skilled subtlety to add depth and meaning to this voyage of self discovery.

But the movie belongs to Riley and Hedlund. Riley’s Sal morphs from budding writer to fully fledged literary genius over the course of the movie’s 2 hours. A participant in his life but always seemingly half a step removed so he can fully observe…..as all writers’ must do by natural default. Sometimes he interacts, sometimes he simply watches and waits. But he always indulges his passion for words and allows himself to be swept away in them. Again, I am envious of this man and can only dream of penning an On The Road myself *sighs*


And then there is Dean. Hedlund, with his classically cool good looks and oh so sexy deep, gravelly voice brings all the charm to the screen. He seduces almost everyone he comes into contact with…. all in the name of self-gratification. But our dangerously delicious bad boy is on a path of self-destruction. His bravado and all-encompassing sexual prowess hiding a fractured soul that will give all but his heart. From the outset, you know this will all end badly.


Maybe I should read the book sometime…. I can always buy it and let it join all the others on my Shelf of Shame (this is where I keep all the books I am going to read someday. All bookworms have one …… don’t even try to deny it ha ha ha)

This movie will not be to everyone’s liking or taste but it does explore a time in history that I wish I could have been part of. It was a time of great social change….. the calm before the storm so to speak…… changes that are still unfolding today and hopefully will keep unfolding. I loved this movie …… even with its touch of pretension *coughs* It’s a lengthy 2 hours but it’s a journey worth taking.

Love Flick xx

Film Festival: ShOUT! Gay, Lesbian and Trans Film Festival

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Newcastle’s only Gay, Lesbian & Trans Film Festival is back for its 2nd year to help raise awareness for the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia (IDAHO). After the festival’s successful maiden year in 2012, Tower Cinemas Newcastle will once again host the shOUT Film Festival this year which boasts 3 days of cinema from around the world from Friday 17 May.

The festival aims to raise awareness for IDAHO in conjunction with other activities in the region. The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) began in France and Canada in 2004 celebrating the day when homosexuality was officially removed from the list of diseases by the World Health Organisation in 1990.

This year’s official selection for the shOUT Film Festival includes Struck By Lightning, a comedy written by and starring Chris Colfer (Kurt from Glee) and Australian comedian Rebel Wilson and Farewell, My Queen a french period film which explores the relationship between Marie Antoinette and female members of her court at the beginning of the French revolution.


The Hour of Living will also make its Australian premiere during the festival. Directed by British newcomer director/actor Sebastian Michael, the film is a “bittersweet drama which ranks as one of the best”(L’arena, August 2012). With breathtaking cinematography and “masterful acting” set against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps, the film is also coupled with a unique soundtrack influenced by folk and grass roots music which is equally as good as the film itself.


A selection of short films will also be included throughout the program with each feature as well as both political identities and community members will be speaking before the opening film Struck by Lightning.

Tickets are $15 per session, season passes which include tickets to all films are $75. Both individual tickets and season passes are available via shoutfilmfestival.com or the Tower Cinemas box office, 185 King street, Newcastle.

Travel and accommodation information for those who will be travelling to Newcastle for the weekend is also available through the festivals official website.

Festival Timetable:

Friday 17 May

7pm Struck By Lightning Comedy Stars: Chris Colfer, Rebel Wilson USA


9pm On The Road Drama Stars: Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst  Viggo Mortensen USA

Saturday 18 May

7pm Farewell, My Queen Drama Stars: Diane Kruger France


9pm Circumstance Drama Stars: Sarah Kazemy, Nokohl Boosheri Iran

Sunday 19 May

5pm Toast Comedy Stars: Freddie Highmore, Helena Bonham Carter UK



7pm The Hour of Living Drama Stars: Sam Fordham & Sebastian Michael UK