Men and sex….


What is it with men and sex? They ask what you want….you tell them, perhaps in explicit detail…..and they still do as they like anyway.


Seriously fellas……get with the fucking program!!


If she tells you what she wants, why is it so hard to just give it to her….yes double entendre intended.

The Perfect Man??

What kind of man shares with you something like this?

So I know this man……I am going to call him Beautiful Mind for reasons which will become apparent very soon. Beautiful Mind and I are talking about our favourite movies. Yeah I thought it was weird too ha ha ha 😉 Anyway, I tell him my all time favourite is Apollo 13 because I always wanted to be an astronaut….and I still do hold out hope, yes perhaps somewhat unrealistically, that I will manage to be included on the Mars Missions. I confess that among other things, I am a geek girl at heart.

And he does not flee. In fact, he professes a deep love of geek girls. Smart women in general. Beautiful Mind is bored by….and I quote…. ‘half witted barbie dolls’. Hmmmmm okay. Men say this all the time to make them seem not shallow and into your mind and blah blah blah.

Now I have to admit, he has said this to me many times now. This preference for women who can talk to him, who he can talk to….who can carry on a conversation….who are funny and witty and playful….who can seduce his mind, so to speak. Maybe he is sincere. Is this the man we all dream about? Do I have myself a living breathing mythological demi god who genuinely and really and truly and cross my heart loves smart, clever women? I think I might.

I am dubious so I question him further. I begin my further questioning by apolgising for further questioning. Not a problem, he says…. your questions are more than welcome. We establish that he must be attracted to the woman….but I mean of course, that is just human nature, is it not? She must also be honest and truthful at all times. He is like me it seems……he can deal with a truth that will break his heart rather than a lie told just to make him happy. Oh there are some other things too but these are of a more personal nature and just for me 😉

Beautiful Mind informs me that his friends give him a hard time for his ‘beautiful mind’ thing. ( See! I told you it would all become clear LOL) Another quote….beautiful mind thing. I love that. I am getting a t-shirt made up. But he is adamant about his preference and refuses to budge even a little…so much so that one friend produced some def poetry about his ‘thing’ for smart women. Watch it below and listen to the cheers from the women in the audience.

The performer, Gemineye, is a spectacularly talented poet/rapper. I told Beautiful Mind that I now had a crush on Geminieye. I was being truthful. Whilst the truth telling was appreciated, the truth told was not so happily received. Lucky I was kidding 😉

My favourite line of the poetry?

” And as you laid by my side, I pushed my blinds aside and took the time in the moonlight of that night to count 72 eyelashes on the upper eyelid of your right eye”

Oh my……..

And back to my original question, what kind of man shares with you something like this?

Exactly! A pretty fucking fantastic one. And who is this man? I’m not telling…….this one is mine.

I think I am in love!!