Disney Princess Film Festival – Event Cinemas


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Do you remember the first Disney Princess you wanted to be? I do….


It is a tale that had me spellbound. I guess it still does.  It has the rest of the world spellbound too because it is one repeated in movie after movie after movie. Of course, these days Cinderella is likely to be a struggling Uni student and Prince Charming is the local butcher who searches the world…. or at least Facebook ….. until he finds her. But the story is the same…true love and a kind, pure heart can conquer all.


Do you watch your favourite story on Blu-ray and  ….. wait what? Sorry? Ohhhhh come on now, we all own a Disney Princess DVD  or Blu-ray …. even if you do not have kidlets and you excuse it’s presence in your collection ‘ for when kids drop over ‘.

Yes, it’s okay to admit…we are all friends here 😉

You do own a copy or 3 of some fave movies? Ahhhhhh just as I thought…

But where was I? Oh yes….

Have you ever wished you could watch it on the big screen…..again or as in the case of some of our original Princesses…. for the first time.

Well now you can. YAY!!!


Event Cinemas is half way through their exclusive Disney Princess Festival. So far we have seen Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and Brave. Devastated you missed these? Dont panic, still to come is….

The Little Mermaid on the weekend of March 8 and 9

Snow White on the following weekend March 15 and 16

Tickets are only $8 and you also get a Guidebook and a collector’s card. You can buy your tickets online at Event Cinemas….. or call into the cinema and grab them in person.

So grab all your little Princesses, let them raid the dress up box and float on down to the festival to greet your subjects and watch a lovely movie.

Love Flick xx


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