Movie Review : her


I have been waiting and waiting to see this movie.  And I was not disappointed.

Set in the near future, Theodore (Phoenix) is a quiet, shy, nerdy type trying to cope with the breakdown of his marriage to Catherine (Mara). He works as a beautiful letter writer …..because apparently in the near future people are too busy/lazy to pen their own prose …… so right off the bat we know he’s a romantic at heart.

After seeing an ad, he downloads the newest Operating System (OS) which promises to be new, unique and intuitive. After a few choice questions, he is away. His OS Samantha (Johansson) is the perfect combination of breathy, husky sexiness and wide-eyed naive charm. It doesn’t take too long before the human man and his OS are interacting on a level of such intimacy that you can easily understand how he falls in love with Samantha.

When Theodore discusses his and Samantha’s relationship with his neighbour Amy (Adams), she is calm and accepting without a hint of judgement. She too had made friends with her OS. In fact, human/OS relationships in the brave new world begin to become a thing.

The story then takes us on quite a journey as we voyeuristically observe a very real if unconventional (to our eyes) relationship. The pair fall deeply in love and there are moments of great joy and passion and moments of great sorrow and despair.


This future world is so familiar but a little bit odd. It seems devoid of colour or fashion. The men all wear these high-waisted tweed type pants. And skivvies. The women dress like they are just popping down to the shops at 10pm to gran some milk. Its frumpy and dull and lifeless.

And the people are so wrapped up in these talking OS systems…..they all go about their day-to-day lives constantly muttering to these machines …. that any real human contact seems almost unwelcome. You know all those people that we see in our real life who have their heads down texting/Facebooking constantly? Imagine that but they are talking to voice operated phones/systems. A glimpse into our own future perhaps hmmmmm

Phoenix is a marvel. What a wonderful thing to see him back on the screen. I haven’t seen anything of his since Two Lovers back in 2008. I know he has done a few movies recently but have yet to see those. But I digress…..

Phoenix spends most of the movie alone and simply interacting with the voice of Johansson. He is at his charming, slightly off-centre, gorgeous best. Another actor may have missed the mark with this part. Phoenix nails it! The chemistry between the pair is deliciously palpable…. another marvel considering Johansson never appears for even a split second on-screen.

This movie is sexy, smart, witty, charming, poignant and heartbreaking. I got carried away by this relationship. I loved every moment of this movie and know you will too.

Love Flick xx

Director :   Spike Jonze

Starring :  Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Wiig, Olivia Wilde, Rooney Mara, Chris Pratt

Running Time :  126 minutes

Release Date :  6 February, 2014

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