Fractured Heart at the NFSA – Gotye / Illuminart

Photo borrowed from

Photo borrowed from


On my recent trip to Canberra, I visited the National Film and Sound Archive  …. you can find them on Facebook here …… to check it out and just have a look around. As you all know, I love all things Aussie on TV and at the movies so this was the perfect place to spend some time learning more about our history in both areas.

There are some wonderful exhibits and I had a great time wandering down memory lane. There is a reference library but I didn’t go in because I had no real reason to but mostly because I thought if I started reading, I may never leave.

Okay, okay… I really wanted this bag too.

tv bag

Currently, the main exhibit at the archive is the gorgeous interactive installation that you may recognise as Gotye’s ARIA performance backdrop. While I was there, a lovely staff member was on-hand to give me heaps of information about the installation itself, how it came into being, the creative inspirations behind it all.

Simply amazing to listen to and read about….

Of course, I am currently on information overload ….. I spent 3 days in Canberra visiting as many museums and exhibits as I could ….. so I can’t impart info any better than the experts.

From the NFSA website ….

Fractured Heart is an interactive sound and light sculpture designed and built by Illuminart in collaboration with Gotye (Wouter ‘Wally’ de Backer). It was first presented as the backdrop to his live performance of ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ with Kimbra at the 2011 ARIA Awards (see photo gallery below). The sculpture used mapped animated projections based on the music video that changed in time with Gotye’s performance.

Following the ARIA Awards, illuminart redesigned Fractured Heart as a stand-alone interactive light and sound sculpture for Vivid Sydney – A Festival of Light, Music & Ideas, in 2012. People could now interact with this ‘light harp’ sculpture through physical movement, using their body and hand gestures to remix sound loops and mapped projections.

Here is some vision of the installation in action ….

It is not only amazing to look at, it is amazing to experience and interact with as well. I commented to the young lady helping me (I only wish I could recall her name as she was so helpful and an absolute delight to speak to) that this would be perfect to take into schools, to encourage music and movement in children. She agreed but pointed out the frailty of the exhibit which is made from thin materials.

If you are visiting Canberra, make sure you drop in and see this wonderful exhibit.

There is lots of info about the NFSA, Gotye and Illuminart at any of the links throughout this post.

Love Flick xx

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