Movie Review: Delivery Man



Thanks to Event Cinema’s Chicks at the Flicks for their hospitality this evening.

Based on the 2011 hit indie movie Starbuck (Scott wrote and directed the original as well), this is the tale of one of life’s lovable dolts. David Wozniak (Vaughn) works as a delivery driver for his family’s business and is in a relationship with New York Cop Emma (Smulders). His family are tired of his slovenly, slacker ways and his girlfriend, although in love with him, wants him to grow up.

One day David comes home to discover a lawyer waiting to tell him he is the father of 533 children. 20 years ago, he made almost 700 donations to a sperm bank. As it turns out, the clinic was not quite on the up and up and they used David’s sperm to father 533 children. Now 142 of those kids want to know who their biological father is….. whom they only know as Starbuck….. and are suing to gain access to his identity.

David engages the services of his lawyer best friend Brett (Pratt) and the two set out to counter sue. Brett gives David the envelope containing brief profiles of the kids who are suing him warning him not to open it. David cannot help himself and sets out to secretly meet and possibly help those kids he can. He cheers on the pro basketball player son, helps his aspiring actor son get his first job, saves a daughter from overdosing…. the list goes on.


After about 30 minutes you realise you have just seen all the gags from the trailer. Great. Vince is always hit and miss with me anyway, So I settle back in to half watch the movie and mentally write the review before the movie is even done. There is a bit of a lull but then something happens. There is a subtle yet tangible shift and….. well the movie gets good.

There are a few gags that fail to impress but there are even more laugh out loud moments. The movie finds it’s heart and although it doesnt try to tug too hard at the heart strings, it does give them a shake every now and then. The script is okay with no great surprises.

This movie is a good. Not great but good. There are no real memorable moments but is far from a snooze fest either. Vaughn seems to have finally realised that his snap-snap-snap quick fire dialogue has been done to death and does not even attempt it this time. Good direction? Hmmmm more than likely. Whatever the reason, he gives it a miss this time and he and I are much better for it.

This movie is released in early December so will make a nice change of pace during the hectic build up to Christmas. A lovely way to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon maybe…..

Love Flick xx

Director :   Ken Scott

Starring :  Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt, Cobie Smulders, Britt Robertson, Dave Patten, Bobby Moynihan, Andrzej Blumenfeld

Running Time : 105 minutes

Release Date :  December 5, 2013

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