Zombie Festival Newcastle – November 17


zombie festival

This now annual zombie march is celebrating 5 years of terrorising the streets of Newcastle. With an expected turnout of between 400 – 500 people….and growing ….. this promises to be a fun day.

When I asked event organiser Ella how this all started, she said ‘ Newcastle had a void to fill. A friend of mine had done two Zombie marches in Newcastle previously and it just went from there. I never originally intended to do it annually but people liked it so it’s been five years now.’

Not sure how to zombify yourself? Not a problem. ‘ You don’t have to dress up to be a part of the day. We also have a dress up box and face painters over the day.’


And the day is free! Lots of events and shenanigans at the museum then onto the Tower Cinemas for the best part (for me) …… zombie movies YAY.

The film festival has a small entry fee of $5.

Some shuffle along and support a great local event. If I can avoid being bitten and turned on the day, I will be back with some pics and a round up of the day next week.

You can find our undead on Facebook here –  Newcastle Undead Society

Love Flick xx


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