Movie Review : About Time



Tim (Gleeson) is just an average young man who wants nothing more than to find true love. On his 21st birthday, his father (Nighy) shares the secret that has been shared with all young men in their family on their 21st birthdays……. that Tim can travel in time. If he wishes to time travel, he only has to find a dark room (a closet, wardrobe or as his father puts it, a toilet in a pinch), clench his fists tightly and think of the moment he wishes to return to and voila…..he is back in that moment.

As Tim is learning to adjust to his newfound ability, he meets the lovely Mary (McAdams) and the two fall deeply in love. It doesn’t all run smoothly and Tim uses the time travel to his advantage…..sometimes with sweet results, sometimes with hilarious results. His bumbling, gaffe plagued first meeting of the in-laws is one time when he uses it to his full and distinct advantage.

The love struck pair eventually marry and their wedding day has to be one of the most delightfully quirky and amusing weddings ever filmed. Whatever can go wrong, does go wrong…… and yet the day is beautiful and fun and gorgeous and all the other happy adjectives we use to describe weddings. Oh yes indeed I did fall in love with love again…. and I feel no shame!


But as much as this is the story of the romance between Tim and Mary, it is much more about the relationship between father and son. That they share this secret, inherited gift forms an intrinsically private, personal bond that perhaps would otherwise not exist. Yet the deep love shared by a father and son is an often neglected subject. Sure we see lots of movies where the menfolk bond through stereotypically make stuff like sports or ….. sports. Rarely though is this fundamental relationship explored with such depth, tenderness and emotion.

Throw in a kooky Uncle D (Cordery) and a gorgeously left-of-centre yet adored sister Kit Kat (Wilson) and a very proper mum (Duncan), you have the makings of an exquisitely loving and vibrant family.

About Time is a little bit Butterfly Effect, a little bit Time Travellers Wife (ironically starring McAdams in the lead for that movie too), a little bit any gorgeous Brit rom-com you can think of. Not such a stretch considering this is the team that gave us Notting Hill and Love Actually.

It is funny and romantic, poignant and endearing. You will fall in love with the young leads and the drily elegant Bill Nighy is as fabulous as only he can be. This movie is so much more than you would expect and I loved it. And it’s not just for the girls either…..

Love Flick xx

Director :   Richard Curtis

Starring :  Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy,  Lydia Wilson, Lindsay Duncan, Tom Hollander, Richard Cordery, Joshua McGuire

Running Time : 123 minutes

Release Date : October 12

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