Coffee Review : Hennessy Coffee


A few weeks ago I got chatting with this lovely guy and he tells me he works for a coffee company. An Aussie coffee company YAY.  As I let the envy subside, I told him I was a blogger… reviews but I review other stuff as well. He said I should look them up ….

So I did…..

After a few facebook inboxes and an email or two,  the most divinely aromatic package arrived on my doorstep. Now I love coffee. I mean I LOOOOOOOOOOVE coffee. Ohhhhh yes, this was going to be a real treat.

But first a little bit about the company…..from their website:

A passion for Coffee, a passion for Service

At Hennessy Coffee we believe that if you’re going to do something, then do it well. In fact, be the best you can be.

That’s why we live and breathe what we do. We don’t just provide great coffee and tea, we are known industry-wide for our outstanding service, and dedicated passionate team.

Our product range offers outstanding quality and great value for money. And we are constantly on the lookout for niche opportunities to provide clients with a point of difference in their business, and a boost to profitability.

So if you are looking for an upmarket product made and delivered with passion and commitment – then look no further than Hennessy Coffee. Try us today, you won’t be disappointed.

This is my coffee machine. As you can see, it’s not top of the range but it’s far from a cheap, rubbishy one either. One of the questions the team at Hennessey asked was how I wanted my coffee…..whole beans, ground etc. ground beans please.

I was assured my beans were ground by pixies who only eat honey, flowers and the colours of the rainbow…..when they sing as they work, angels weep 😉


Enough of the formalities…..let’s taste some coffee yumm yumm yumm.

I tried 3 coffees in all……

The Platinum Blend ….. The smooth flavour, reminiscent of rich, creamy caramel, is derived from a blend of Costa Rican, New Guinean and Indian coffee beans.

The Mojo Blend …… Medium strength coffee with a beautiful, smooth taste containing a hint of chocolate.

The Venetzia Blend …… A medium roast perfectly infused with floral notes and an underlying rich, earthy vein.



All 3 coffees were absolutely delicious but my favourite was the Premium Blend. With all the blends, there were no over-powering flavours. If you want a shot of caramel or chocolate, buy a syrup ( oh and Hennessey sell syrups too). The hints of and infused with were exactly that…..just perfect.

The most noticeable thing about each coffee was the lack of a bitter aftertaste. It happens in most cheaper coffee blends and in many of the more expensive brands as well. It’s the main reason I steer clear of so many brands and am somewhat of a coffee snob.

Oh and yes I do drink instant coffee and yes I do use the coffee machine at work when I want a quick moccachino….. but when I choose my blends, I am a fussy snob.

Hennessey Coffees get a two thumbs up from me. I will be getting more in…..very soon from the looks of my half empty coffee packs. And they are an Aussie company which you all know thrills me no end.

So visit them if you want some coffee for your personal use of if you wish to become one of their select stockists. The links are below and as always…..tell them Flick sent you. And as always, it probably won’t get you anything but I do like saying it 😉

Visit their website :

Connect on Facebook :

Love Flick xx



2 comments on “Coffee Review : Hennessy Coffee

  1. Hi Flick Chick – Hennessy Coffee here! Thanks so much for your great review and more importantly – THANK YOU for enjoying our coffee!!! Like you, we LOOOOOOOOVE coffee and we LOOOOOOOOOOVE people that LOOOOOOOOOVE coffee, especially ours!

    Thank you again for your kind words and for telling everyone about us, it means a lot to the Hennessy Team that you enjoyed our coffee as we put all of our energy in to roasting and distributing coffee that we are genuinely proud of….

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