Movie Review : Thanks for Sharing


Adam (Ruffalo), Mike (Robbins) and Neil (Gad) are sex addicts at different stages of their treatment. Neil, who is married to his teenage sweetheart Katie (Richardson) is a sponsor who has been ‘sober ‘ for a long time and an inspiration to all. Adam is 5 years sober and has just met Phoebe (Paltrow) who he wishes to pursue a monogamous relationship with. Neil is seeking treatment via court order so still is not taking it all seriously.

The three men navigate this tricky disease……Phoebe even asks Adam at one point if sex addiction ‘is really a thing’, such is the nature and stigma of the disease. It is always lurking, waiting to rear it’s ugly head and they all have to work hard to keep it at bay.

Mike has a very tense relationship with his estranged son Danny (Fugit) and this is only made more difficult by his commitment to his sponsoring and devotion to the addict’s group. Danny himself is a recovering addict and has been away for many years and when he returns home, he does try very hard to win his father’s favour.

Adam and Phobe have the shiny new romantic courtship happening. It’s very sweet and endearing and adorable. You find yourself grinning at the awww shucks moments and hold your breath when he side steps his addiction.

But it is the burgeoning friendship between Neil and fellow sex addict Dede (Alecia Moore aka Pink) that is the one to watch. As Dede struggles to be just friends with a man, Neil struggles with even accepting he does have a real addiction and only he can control it. They are a mismatched pair but completely believable as best mates.


This was a great movie about a very topical and misunderstood disease. It would have been tempting to give into the obvious but this is far more subtle. The characters are very real. There is no easy fix on offer here…..its all hard work that must be maintained day in, day out. These people could be your next door neighbours, I recognised them all.

The real surprises for me were Josh Gad and Pink. I was disappointed at the start that Gad was such a stereotype but as the movie progressed, I saw the bigger picture. I have seen him in a few things now and I really like him. And Pink….. wow. She is a gutsy, ballsy chick in real life and she was in this move too. The girl has serious skills…… she may have a nice career in acting if she wanted. Very impressive.

I would recommend this movie if you like subtle drama with a few laughs. It’s not a romantic comedy. Just because it has a few laughs, doesnt make it a comedy. Sheesh. It tackles a touchy subject with a realistic careful hand.

Love Flick xx

Director :  Stuart Blumberg

Starring :  Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Gad, Joely Richardson, Alecia Moore (Pink), Patrick Fugit, Carol Kane

Running Time : 112 minutes

Release Date : October 3

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