Movie Review : Gravity



Matt Kowalski (Clooney) is the senior astronaut on a mission to repair the Hubble telescope. It is his final mission and he has seen it all, done it all and has a story for any occasion you can imagine. As he floats around 372 miles above the Earth, lamenting that he is just 73 minutes shy of breaking a space walk record, his constant good-natured chatter may be oddly soothing for the novice Ryan Stone (Bullock) who is struggling with the nausea that plagues many astronauts.

As Ryan tries unsuccessfully to repair the telescope, the team receive a message from mission control in Houston that a missile has exploded in space but there is little danger to them. As they continue their mission, there is an air of joviality and they are all quite relaxed. So when Houston sends a frantic message that they will be bombarded by debris within minutes and all communications will cease, it comes as quite a shock and the thus far peaceful ‘ wow look at the view ‘ vibe of the mission and the movie is shattered.

None of the astronauts make it inside the shuttle and when the debris hits, there is absolute chaos. Within a few terrifying minutes, they find themselves stranded in space with a shuttle that is clearly going nowhere, let alone returning them safely to Earth. Ryan understandably panics and manages to use up most of her oxygen. It is up to Kowalski to take control of the situation and attempt to stop them floating away into space and to bring them safely home again. I wont say anymore about the plot as that would be spoiling it.

This is a visually stunning movie. I have always wanted to be an astronaut and watching Sandy Bullock play me in the fantasy of my life made me feel unimaginable joy. Not the bombarded by debris bit….. that was never part of my dream. Bu the strong smart woman in space bit…… yeah I dreamed that 😉


All the shots of the Earth from space, from sunrise to sunset, night and day. Absolute, complete and utter perfection. Much of the time I was transfixed by the view as it never ceases to amaze me. As there are only a handful of people who have actually seen that view themselves, I am sure I wont be the only one either.

The Director did a great job of making you feel everything. When Ryan freaks out and can’t breathe, you hold your breath with her. When the debris hits and the shuttle is destroyed, your heart pounds too because you know there is little hope for these astronauts.

Now this movie is being touted as a hot Oscar favourite. Really? I wonder if we saw the same movie? This movie is good but not that good. As I have said, visually stunning but the story left much to be desired. Sure I do realise that being trapped all alone in space is rather a great story but……I stand by my decision.

Go and see this movie because I seem to be the only reviewer on the planet who didn’t find it amazing. Maybe my judgement is flawed and I can’t see past Sandy Bullock living out my …… MY ……. fantasy. Pfft LOL Let me know what you think 😉


Love Flick xx


Director : Alfonso Cuarón

Starring : Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris, Paul Sharma, Orto Ignatiussen, Amy Warren

Running Time : 90 minutes

Release Date : October 3

3 comments on “Movie Review : Gravity

  1. You are right. I am glad I did not go out at 11 p.m. (that was the showing time) to waste a couple of hrs on this. No storyline, no dialogue, no suspense actually! The scenes where she’s just hitting buttons hoping to get lucky is just aggravating. Visually, yes great. Other than that, a waste of time. Oscars?? give me a break ! ❤

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