Movie Review : Turbo



Turbo is a little snail who dreams of going fast. He is just an ordinary snail who works in the garden harvesting tomatoes, trying to avoid being squished by the kid on the trike. His brother Chet is a garden supervisor and when Turbo causes mischief, both he and Chet find themselves without jobs.

While wandering around sad and lonely one night, Turbo is swept onto a road and sucked into a car engine and infused with nitrous oxide. Suddenly Turbo is the snail he always dreamed he could be. He is fast.

Very fast.

Turbo and Chet find themselves captured by the adorable Tito, who with his brother Angelo, is the owner of a struggling taco stand in a rundown strip mall. Tito and the other shop owners have snail races to pass the time. It is here Turbo meets a bunch of other snails who have devoted themselves to their racing.

Once they see Turbo tear up the snail racetrack…..literally ….. they are a little jealous, a little in awe. Tito is an ideas man and comes up with the brilliant idea of filling his restaurant by first bringing people in to see …… The World’s Fastest Snail. Turbo is so impressive that Tito decides to enter him into the Indy 500. Yep the famous car race.



This classic story of the under-dog never giving up his dreams is universal and although there are no real surprises here, you will find the quirky characters endearing and thoroughly likeable. When we first meet the snails, it’s a case of ‘pick the actor’ which was a little distracting at first but you soon started smiling at the antics of these tiny molluscs.

Two things stand out for me in this movie……

# 1…..  Samuel L Jackson will always, always be the coolest cat ever.

# 2 ….. Ken Jeong will always, always be the funniest character in anything he appears in.

The littlest movie goers will love Turbo and his friends. There are a few jokes for the grown ups but this one is aimed squarely at the kids. A great way to spend some time in the last week of the school holidays.

I wish to thank my friends at Nelson Bay Cinemas for their hospitality and the gorgeous Saffron at What’s On In Our Backyard for her fantastic support and for making it all happen.

So once you have seen Turbo and are looking for something else to do with the kids, check out What’s On In Our Backyard for the very best on offer for families in Port Stephens. And if you are a visitor to our backyard, dont forget to grab a VIP Card for extra discounts around the Bay.


Love Flick xx


Director : David Soren

Starring : Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Maya Rudolph, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Peña, Bill Hader, Luis Guzmán, Snoop Dog, Richard Jenkins, Ben Schwartz, Ken Jeong, Michelle Rodriguez, Mike Bell

Running Time : 96 minutes

Release Date : In Cinemas Now ….

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