Movie Review : Thor: The Dark World (3D)


On our way to see this movie last night, my movie buddy and I were discussing how the Avenger movies have, thus far, managed to get it right. That oh so important balancing act of keeping the loyal and scarily pedantic fan base happy but allowing those who are not immersed in the Avengers universe enough that they can enjoy the movie on its own. The franchise takes itself seriously……but not seriously enough that it can’t have a wink and a laugh.

Could they do it again?

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Movie Review : Prisoners



Keller and Grace Dover (Jackman and Bello) are having a pleasant Thanksgiving dinner with their best friends Nancy and Franklin Birch (Davis and Howard). Their young daughters Anna (Gerasimovich) and Joy (Simmons) ask if they can go and play the Anna’s house, just down the road. The parents instruct the girls to ask their teenage siblings to escort them but, as kids that age do, they race off on their own.

A few hours later the families realise the girls are missing and after some frantic searching, they waste no time bringing in the police. These are little girls after all. Detective Loki (Gyllenhaal) is assigned the case and as he has a 100% track record in solving crimes, hopes are high he will do the same here.

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Heatherbrae Fire – October 2013 #RFS #NSWRFS


heatherbrae from airport thursday

October 17, 2013

I didn’t take that picture. It was taken by somebody at Newcastle Airport sometime today ….. this morning I think. It looks bad, huh? It IS bad…..and it got worse.

It’s currently 9.22pm and I am sitting in my empty house, the air filled with smoke, the night sky glowing outside, knowing that I should have left an hour ago. First we got the text alert message advising us to seek shelter as the fire approaches. Then the phone call came…. on the landline that is reserved for telemarketers and the odd overseas call to use up the money I pay for it.

But I cannot bring myself to leave.

I dont care about my things or my stuff…..I have good insurance and that will all be replaced. My family has been despatched to safety, it’s why I am here alone. So why am I still here?

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Movie Review : The Turning

A collection of short films based on stories by Australian writer Tim Winton.



This Australian production is being marketed as a cinematic event and it is exactly that. An event. With a run time of 180 minutes and even an intermission break, to label it simply as a movie would be to do it a great disservice and would also be entirely inaccurate. Based on the Tim Winton short story collection of the same name, it stars some of our countries finest actors and some bright young things to keep your eyes on. Behind the scenes, the lists of names is just as impressive with some well-known actors making their directorial debut.

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Movie Review : About Time



Tim (Gleeson) is just an average young man who wants nothing more than to find true love. On his 21st birthday, his father (Nighy) shares the secret that has been shared with all young men in their family on their 21st birthdays……. that Tim can travel in time. If he wishes to time travel, he only has to find a dark room (a closet, wardrobe or as his father puts it, a toilet in a pinch), clench his fists tightly and think of the moment he wishes to return to and voila…..he is back in that moment.

As Tim is learning to adjust to his newfound ability, he meets the lovely Mary (McAdams) and the two fall deeply in love. It doesn’t all run smoothly and Tim uses the time travel to his advantage…..sometimes with sweet results, sometimes with hilarious results. His bumbling, gaffe plagued first meeting of the in-laws is one time when he uses it to his full and distinct advantage.

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Revocation of Independence

Some things are simply too funny……and possibly right on target if we are all honest …… to be ignored …..



In a fit of anger her majesty Queen Elizabeth II issued the following letter to the citizens of United States of America

To the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

In light of your failure to financially manage yourselves and inability to effectively govern yourselves responsibly, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective immediately. (You should look up ‘revocation’ in the Oxford English Dictionary.)

Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths, and territories (except Kansas, which she does not fancy).

Your new Prime Minister, David William Donald Cameron, will appoint a Governor for the former United States of America without the need for further elections. Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. A questionnaire may be circulated sometime next year to determine whether any of you noticed.

To aid in the…

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Coffee Review : Hennessy Coffee


A few weeks ago I got chatting with this lovely guy and he tells me he works for a coffee company. An Aussie coffee company YAY.  As I let the envy subside, I told him I was a blogger… reviews but I review other stuff as well. He said I should look them up ….

So I did…..

After a few facebook inboxes and an email or two,  the most divinely aromatic package arrived on my doorstep. Now I love coffee. I mean I LOOOOOOOOOOVE coffee. Ohhhhh yes, this was going to be a real treat.

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Movie Review : Thanks for Sharing


Adam (Ruffalo), Mike (Robbins) and Neil (Gad) are sex addicts at different stages of their treatment. Neil, who is married to his teenage sweetheart Katie (Richardson) is a sponsor who has been ‘sober ‘ for a long time and an inspiration to all. Adam is 5 years sober and has just met Phoebe (Paltrow) who he wishes to pursue a monogamous relationship with. Neil is seeking treatment via court order so still is not taking it all seriously.

The three men navigate this tricky disease……Phoebe even asks Adam at one point if sex addiction ‘is really a thing’, such is the nature and stigma of the disease. It is always lurking, waiting to rear it’s ugly head and they all have to work hard to keep it at bay.

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Movie Review : Gravity



Matt Kowalski (Clooney) is the senior astronaut on a mission to repair the Hubble telescope. It is his final mission and he has seen it all, done it all and has a story for any occasion you can imagine. As he floats around 372 miles above the Earth, lamenting that he is just 73 minutes shy of breaking a space walk record, his constant good-natured chatter may be oddly soothing for the novice Ryan Stone (Bullock) who is struggling with the nausea that plagues many astronauts.

As Ryan tries unsuccessfully to repair the telescope, the team receive a message from mission control in Houston that a missile has exploded in space but there is little danger to them. As they continue their mission, there is an air of joviality and they are all quite relaxed. So when Houston sends a frantic message that they will be bombarded by debris within minutes and all communications will cease, it comes as quite a shock and the thus far peaceful ‘ wow look at the view ‘ vibe of the mission and the movie is shattered.

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Movie Review : Rush


In 1976, an already legendary rivalry was playing out as the world watched. Formula One racing was at its peak and the contest in that fateful year was fierce and unforgiving. Niki Lauda (Bruhl) was a very serious, very clever Austrian driver who was on track ….. yes excuse the pun ….. to retain his Formula One World Championship. His arch rival for many years was fast living, hard drinking British ladies man James Hunt (Hemsworth). And in 1976, Hunt was the only man who was even close to taking the crown from Lauda.

Then fate intervened and during the German Grand Prix at Nürburgring, Lauda had an horrific accident and his car crashed into an embankment, spun and burst into flames. Lauda was trapped inside for 90 seconds, on fire and inhaling toxic gases. He was lucky to be alive and yet just 6 weeks later, he was back on the track defending his title.

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