Movie Review : Percy Jackson – Sea of Monsters



Based on the successful book series of the same name, Percy Jackson (Lerman) is a demigod, born to a mortal mother and Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea. As with all demigods, he must be protected from those who wish to harm him and the only place on Earth that can offer these half breeds safety is the remote and isolated Camp Half Blood. Here Percy and others like him train to protect themselves and the world from evil.

Even among other demigods, Percy is special. As the sole remaining offspring of the children of Kronos, that being a child of either Zeus, Hades or Poseidon, he is the most powerful of all the demigods.

A few years ago, Percy was called upon to save Zeus’ stolen lightning bolt and this time, he is being asked to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Well actually, it was not Percy who was chosen to lead this quest but his main rival Clarisse (Rambin) , daughter of Ares, the God of War. He is not happy about this and so with his friend Annabeth (Daddario) and half-brother Tyson (Smith), he sneaks off to find the fleece.

Percy also needs to find his best friend Grover (Jackson), who is a satyr and has been kidnapped by Luke (Abel). Luke needs the Golden Fleece to fulfill the ancient prophecy and resurrect Kronos.  So we have the good and the bad guys after the fleece…..but for very different reasons. The camp needs the Golden Fleece to reactivate it’s supernatural protective shield, which has been damaged by marauding Cyclops.

The group set off to find the Sea of Monsters where they believe the Golden Fleece is being kept. During their quest they encounter some very interesting characters from Greek mythology, including a caustically witty Hermes (Fillon) and what I assume are the Three Fates, endlessly arguing over possession of their one eye. Ironically, the Fates are taxi drivers. Scary I know.



This tale of an epic mythological quest, a fight between good and evil, young and old, is well told and engaging. The young cast does a great job with what they are given. Personally, I feel there could have been more dialogue, more fun…..but then the fabulous Stanley Tucci was portraying an ‘on the wagon’ Dionysus so that’s a tough gig to follow.

The special effects are pretty dynamic as you would expect in a movie about mythological creatures and quests. The ultimate Kronos was completely uninspired though. He was exactly the same a hundred other devils on screen. Very disappointing indeed.

This is a great school holidays movie, especially for fans of the books or previous movie. It’s not the best of its genre but then this series will always be compared to Harry Potter so….


Love Flick xx


Director : Thor Freudenthal

Starring : Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson, Douglas Smith, Leven Rambin, Jake Abel, Anthony Head, Stanley Tucci, Nathan Fillion

Running Time :  106minutes

Release Date : In Cinemas Now …

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