Movie Review : White House Down



John Cale (Tatum) is employed as security for the Speaker of the House Raphelson (Jenkins)  but he really wants to be Secret Service for The President of the United States. He has a fractured relationship with his 11 year old daughter Emily (King) who happens to be a political buff and even has an online You Tube blog devoted to her obsession. So when he gets an interview at the White House, he manages to get a pass for his suitably impressed daughter as well. He’s having a good day.

So when the White House suddenly comes under attack with the President (Foxx) inside, Cale springs into action to save the day.

Just prior to the attack, Emily and Cale became separated and Emily now finds herself witness to the attackers, records it on her phone and sends the video to her blog. She becomes an immediate news sensation but this also makes her a target for the bad guys. So they are now searching her not only the President but the little girl. Cale’s day has gone from great to bad to very bad.

Following protocol, the President is ushered to an underground bunker but a nasty surprise awaits him and therefore, there is no safety for him within the White House. The only option is to try to bring him out via some secret tunnels ….. you know, the ones they used to smuggle Marilyn Monroe into the White House when JFK was not having sexual relations with that woman. Yeah I’m mixing my President’s but you get my point 😉



Obviously, there will be comparisons to Olympus Has Fallen ( you can read my review here), the other recent movie about an attack on the White House. But the two could not be more different.

But before I continue, what is it about Hollywood and movie pairs? Volcano and Dante’s Peak …… Armageddon and Deep Impact …… Truman and EdTV? How does this even happen …..

This outing does not seem to take itself too seriously. Or at least I hope it doesn’t. I am not for one minute suggesting the film makers do not consider an attack on the White House serious, but this is not meant to be a deep and thought-provoking movie. It is meant to be entertainment. It is meant to have Channing Tatum running around in a singlet with a gun. I’m not complaining. Tatum was an Executive Producer so the boy is smart and knows his limits. Kudos to him.

This movie has major flaws, huge plot gaps and some absolutely outlandish ideas….. and lets face it, Jamie Foxx is as believable as the US President as I am. Hmmmmmm *takes notes*

But who cares!

It has a decent script, some real twists in the story, great action scenes, lots of bombs and explosions, some decent laughs and Channing Tatum running around with a singlet on. There is a little 11-year-old girl who tells the baddie with a gun to get away from her. Twice. You go little sister!!!

We have Maggie Gyllenhaal and Richard Jenkins to be serious and motivated. So let ‘the boys ‘ get on with the action and have some fun. I loved this movie for everything it was not trying to be. Grab your friends, buy your ticket, some popcorn and a drink and sit back and enjoy the next few hours. You will not be sorry.


Love Flick xx


Director : Roland Emmerich

Starring : Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, Richard Jenkins, Joey King, James Woods, Nicolas Wright

Running Time : 131 minutes

Release Date : In Cinemas Now …

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