Movie Review : R.I.P.D. (3D)



Nick (Reynolds) is a happily married Boston cop who makes one bad decision so when he is unexpectedly shot dead, he goes to a type of purgatory. While he is awaiting judgement, he is offered a job as an RIPD cop. RIPD…… Rest In Peace Department. Get it? Ha ha ha He is partnered with the rough and gruff Wild West Sheriff Roy (Bridges). The kicker here is that although they really look like the pic before the review, the rest of the world sees them like this …..


It is funny …..

The aim of the RIPD is to protect the world from the dead or ‘deados’ as they are known. These deados masquerade as the living but, as with all criminals, are easy enough to find with the right knowledge and experience. While letting Nick find closure for his living life…… what else should I call it …… he and Roy stumble onto a huge crime that could change everything. The dead will no longer be banished from earth and this would mean total chaos.

From the opening credits, this movie has a very graphic novel feel about it. For this alone, it was worth seeing in 3D. It also has a very MIB (Men In Black) feel to it. Actually, it has a big MIB feel to it. 2 cops on the trail of weird creatures living side by side within the population but usually hidden away from the human eye. The creatures, when exposed, have the usual assortment of creepy extras…..5 mouths, split skulls, bubonic type nodes. Pretty gross but not to squicky.

This movie was fun. It was nowhere near as good as MIB and I wanted to see many more supernatural creatures. The creatures we did see were promising but…..not enough. There were some laughs but these were mainly courtesy of the yee-haw, fast talkin’, no nonsense takin’ Wild West Sheriff Roy. In one memorable scene, his calm acceptance of his female human form and the resulting bitch slap he hands to one smitten dolt is hilarious.

The movie has solid acting and an obviously sizeable FX budget but……it was just missing something. Heart maybe? I didn’t not like it, lets put it that way. It was a great premise but I would like to have seen the script fleshed out a little more. More supernatural baddies for sure and maybe a little more exploration of the hinted at relationship between 2 main characters. Hmmmmmm yes, that would have worked.

Overall, not a bad flick and one for the kiddies during the school holidays next week. Not the little ones but the teens should enjoy it.

Love Flick xx


Director : Robert Schwentke

Starring : Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, Mary-Louise Parker, Kevin Bacon, James Hong, Stephanie Szostak, Marisa Miller, Robert Knepper

Running Time : 96 minutes

Release Date : In Cinemas Now …


2 comments on “Movie Review : R.I.P.D. (3D)

  1. I just love the “flavour” you put on your reviews. I enjoy reading them just as much as I love anticipating seeing the movie. And, btw, I don’t watch anything any more unless you recommend it 😉 Thank you for making information so entertaining.

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