Movie Review : Paranoia



Adam (Hemsworth) and Kevin (Till) are a couple of young, smart and savvy go-getters who have worked for many years at an unsatisfying entry-level position for a major multinational tech design company. They have an idea they hope will make them rich and pitch it to their less than impressed tyrannical boss Wyatt (Oldman). Adam is drowning in the medical bills incurred by his father Frank (Dreyfuss) and he sees this chance as his last to try make his mark on the world.

Across town, Wyatt’s former boss and mortal enemy Goddard (Harrison) is plotting nothing less than the total destruction of his business and personal nemesis. Wyatt always though Goddard would fail without him and that hasn’t exactly happened so the animosity between these two men is bitter and deep.

With the promise of enough money to give his father the proper medical attention he needs…..and then some …..Adam is lured into this bitter feud and sent in to spy on Goddard. Adam has a passionate affair with the beautiful and clever Emma (Heard) who works for Goddard and this only complicates the situation. Before long he is in way out of his depth.

Let the games begin…….


The action heats up and this movie has twists and turns every other minute. The introduction of the FBI only serves to add fuel to the fire as Adam must decide who to play for, who to play against and who to play against each other.

This movie is okay. With Oldman as the baddie, I dont think it was too much for me to expect a lot more badness. Ohhhh Oldman has not lost his bad guy swagger and the scenes he shared with the much milder but slightly menacing Harrison were the movie’s best, but the whole movie seemed like a PG version of something else. Right from the start, Oldman was an arrogant so-and-so and I had high hopes but, with only a few exceptions, this movie kind of lilted along.

Hemsworth has acting chops, I know he does, but he needs to stop the pouty, drifting into the distance thing he does. Sure its cute and the man is major eye candy but now is his time to make his move. If he wants to be an actor and not just Miley Cyrus’s on/off boyfriend/fiance, he needs to start taking it all a bit more seriously.

Heard is a revelation. The woman can barely act but she does a great show of gazing up from under downcast eyes and sultry glances. She was supposed to be some brilliant ummm I forget actually…… but she is little more than ‘love interest’.

This movie wasn’t bad but it could have been so much more. It was clearly meant to be a starring vehicle for Hemsworth but he was swallowed whole in his first scene with Oldman and never quite recovered. It was enjoyable enough and the plot twists were interesting but …… I give it a meh with a shrug.

Strictly for Hemsworth fangurls.

Love Flick xx

Director : Robert Luketic

Starring : Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, Amber Heard, Lucas Till, Julian McMahon, Embeth Davidtz, Josh Holloway, Richard Dreyfuss, Angela Sarafyan

Running Time : 106 minutes

Release Date : In Cinemas Now …

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