Documentary Review : Red Obsession



This documentary caught my eye when the trailer showed a bottle of bordeaux wine being sold to a Chinese wine connoisseur for $1.5million. Ohhhh yeah I gotta see what this is about.

This Australian made documentary, narrated by Russell Crowe, begins with gorgeously seductive shots of miles and miles of French vineyards. We meet some wine makers and they share with us some of the secrets of a great wine…. it’s all so romantic and French and *sighs*

We then receive a basic introduction into wine gradings and the more financial side of things. Why are some bordeaux the most expensive in the world. What makes this region so perfect for winemaking. It is all lovely and gorgeous and fascinating.

It then broadens into the actual wine market. I learn about vintages and why there are some special vintages and why they are prized. I also learn, to my utter disbelief, that the major decisions regarding the success of a year’s vintage are down to a very few people. A handful of wine tasters and judges and writers. Wine is big business. Huge.

I learn that some wines have become so valuable, they are literally worth more than gold. People now buy wine as investments. Not to be drunk and enjoyed but to be stored and sold at a (hopefully) huge profit a few years later. There are wine brokers and they deal in billions of dollars per year.





The emerging Chinese market for all things Western is impacting on the wine industry. The Chinese have taken to wine like ducks to water. Or have they?

The focus then shifts to China. Now it gets really interesting. We meet the wine investors, the buyers, the brokers, the experts on Chinese culture. The Chinese are practically inhaling these wines and there are serious concerns that demand will exceed supply.

I loved every single second of this documentary. I loved the romanticism of the French and their love of wines. I loved the Chinese buyers and their reactions to this new toy they wanted to play with. I loved the experts both on wines and Chinese culture. I learned a lot about wines, about human nature, about the power of money, about the weather and about this huge part of society that I had no idea even existed.

I would watch this movie again in a heartbeat, just to try to get all the information I realise I didn’t manage to absorb. I am intrigued and fascinated and its taken me 4 hours to write this because I am distracted by googling bordeaux information.

À votre santé!


Love Flick x



Director : David Roach, Warwick Ross

Narrated by : Russell Crowe

Running Time : 95 minutes

Release Date : In cinemas now ….

One comment on “Documentary Review : Red Obsession

  1. Bordeaux is a beautiful place to visit and yes the wines and vineyards are specular it is nice to go and see a see a movie about this place and the vine yards. Thank you Chick Flick

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