Movie Review : The World’s End



Five childhood best friends get together one fateful night to finish the pub crawl of their dreams, The Golden Mile. The Golden Mile consists of 12 pubs within, yep you guessed it, one mile. The all important pub crawl rules….. you have to follow the order of the pubs and you have to drink one drink in each. Simples. The friends had attempted the crawl some 20 years previously but for a variety of reasons, it was never completed.

Now Gary (Pegg) has brought them all back to their childhood village to finish that pub crawl. The other 4 men Oliver (Freeman), Peter (Marsan), Andrew (Frost) and Steven (Considine) have led successful happy lives and are there very reluctantly indeed. It is only Gary who feels his life is incomplete until they finish the crawl.

Once they arrive at the first pub, they feel something is not right but put it down to the fact that old-fashioned pubs are being gobbled up by huge chains and sanitised to be the same wherever you go. This view shifts over the next few pubs until it finally becomes to clear to everyone….. the town has been invaded by robots. These robots come apart at the joints (think Barbie dolls), bleed blue blood and are dead inside. They are exact human replicas of towns people. Very scary!


The World's End


The group think the best way to escape the robots is to act as though nothing is out of the ordinary and continue on their quest to complete The Golden Mile. Of course, things get stranger and stranger and funnier and funnier. During their quest they encounter some interesting characters…. their old school teacher Guy (Brosnan) and the town UFO/conspiracy theorist, nutcase type Basil (Bradley) are just two. Both these men manage to shed some light on the escalating robot crisis.

And then it gets silly… and it’s fantastic!

If you loved Shaun of the Dead, which I loved soooooooooo much…. or you loved Hot Fuzz, which I still havent watched all the way through yet oops….. then you will love this movie. It has that snap snap snap, rocket fire delivery of dialogue we have come to expect from Pegg. He is at his arrogant, sarcastic, self-absorbed, snarky best in this movie.

This movie laughs at us, it laughs at conspiracy theorists, it laughs at small country villages, it laughs at unfulfilled teenage dreams but most of all, it laughs at itself. The very best thing about these Pegg/Frost movies is that they know they are silly….. and they don’t care. I wonder how much is scripted and how often they just set the scene and say ‘right boys…. just roll with it’ and start filming.

If you want some good, clean fun…. if you want to laugh at silliness of blue blooded (is there something in that hmmmm) robots that terrorise a group of friends, this is one for you.


Love Flick x



Director : Edgar Wright

Starring :   Rosamund Pike, Simon Pegg, Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy, Pierce Brosnan, Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan, David Bradley, Paddy Considine,

Running Time : 109 minutes

Release Date : In Cinemas Now

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