Movie Review : Now You See Me


Four magicians are brought together via a strange calling card and one year later emerge in Las Vegas as The Four Horsemen. During their debut stage show, they rob a bank in Paris and give all the cash to their audience. Are they a hit? You betcha! Suddenly everyone is talking about them and well yes… the police would also like to have a quick chat with them too.

The four are Daniel (Eisenberg), Merritt (Harrelson), Henley (Fisher) and Jack (Franco). Each of the magicians has their particular area of expertise and together, they are quite amazing. They have the financial backing of a very wealthy businessman Tressler (Caine) and go to great lengths to acknowledge how vital he is to their shows. It’s just as well because the show is a high-tech masterpiece.

As with most people, I like a bit of magic and am often curious about how they do it….. but it wouldn’t be magic if I knew all their secrets now would it? But exposing and/or debunking magicians is big business these days and the night of their big debut there is a very special audience member.


Thaddeus Bradley (Freeman) is a retired magician who earns millions exposing the secrets of other magicians online. His knowledge comes in very handy when FBI Agent Dylan Rhodes (Ruffalo) and Interpol rookie Alma Vargas (Laurent) come looking for answers. The Four Horseman have another showed planned for New Orleans so the clock is ticking.

The race is now on to stop another robbery before the New Orleans show. The movie  amps up the pace as it becomes a thriller, bank heist, Robin Hood, magic show kind of movie. I for one wish there were more of them …….

This movie is great. It’s got this real Oceans 11 (okay 12 and 13 too) feel to it. Lots of glitz and lots of sleight of hand. Some very clever crooks who take their time and pull of some truly amazing things. And they steal from the rich and give to the poor so nothing bad about that. I love the snappy dialogue and clever quips. There are some real ‘I didnt see that coming’ moments that left me smiling. There were also a few oh really? moments too.

Of course, being the kind of movie it is, I cannot say too much. I would like to have seen the characters fleshed out a little more but then again, I always do. If you are a fan of magic or bank heist movies, this is one not to miss. It is clever and engaging. Some of the tricks are spectacular and not all are exposed….which I appreciated. We all need a little magic in our life after all 🙂

Love Flick x

Director : Louis Leterrier

Starring :  Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Mélanie Laurent, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Michael Kelly, Common, David Warshofsky

Running Time : 115 minutes

Release Date : In Cinemas Now

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