Movie Review: The Heat


You know when you watch the previews for a movie and you think ‘ohhhhh I wanna go see that, it looks really funny’.

And then you wonder if the funny scenes they show you in the trailers are the only funny ones in the entire movie?

Well this is not that movie. This movie is hilarious from the first scene to the last.

Very serious and ambitious FBI Agent Ashburn (Bullock) is hot on the trail of a drug lord. She follows a lead to Boston where she is partnered with the foul mouthed local cop Mullins (McCarthy). The two meet during a prisoner’s interrogation and even he is scared. They get off to a terrible start with the cop resenting the FBI’s presence on her turf and the FBI Agent just wanting to find her ‘perp’ and go home.

Eventually they sort themselves out and start working together. As they investigate their suspected drug baron and follow the leads, they get into some very interesting and very funny  situations. We meet some great characters from an arrogant albino cop to a lovelorn street vendor who pines endlessly for Mullins.

For once, I have so little to say about a movie because it is so bloody funny. The jokes and banter and gags just keep coming. It rarely lets up and just when you think it can’t be funny anymore….. it is.

Bullock and McCarthy are both amazing actresses’ and they play their parts to perfection. Sure there are some stereotypes and some old gags but that doesn’t make this movie any less hilarious.

Some particularly funny scenes to watch out for are the first arrest by Mullins. She arrests a man soliciting a prostitute and it’s a real YEAH for women moment. Another tear rolling down your face scene is later in the movie when Ashburn is left with Mullin’s family and they try to talk. I have some friends who live in Boston so I got the whole accent joke. But even if you don’t fully understand, it does not take away from this absolute gem of a movie moment. Be sure to watch the action just out of focus.

I cannot recommend this movie enough and will be seeing it again as soon as I can. I have raved about it non stop and with good reason. It is a funny, funny movie.

My only complaint is that everyone was so busy laughing that I am sure I missed half the jokes. So, I would like to suggest that all cinemas offer their patrons 1 full price and 1 half price ticket. This way you go and see the movie the first time ….. then everyone goes to the loo or gets some more snacks and goes back in again so we can hear all the gags missed during the first screening.  It really is only fair ……

Please go and see this movie…..twice. If you only see one comedy this year, make it this one. It is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I love Sandy and Melissa and together they are absolutely amazing!

As always, my thanks to Event Cinemas Glendale for their hospitality.

Love Flick x

Director : Paul Feig

Starring : Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Marlon Wayans, Demián Bichir, Michael Rapaport, Jane Curtin, Spoken Reasons

Running Time : 117 minutes

Release Date : July 11

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