Movie Review: The Internship




When Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson), a pair of 40-something salesmen, find themselves without jobs and very little to offer an employer in the way of a modern skill set, what else could they do but apply for Google’s Summer Intern program? While Nick is resigned to having to work at his sister’s boyfriend’s store, Billy gets them an interview for an internship that may lead to a job. Nick is less than enthused but Billy is the eternal salesman and the pair have an awkward video interview with 2 Google recruiter types. And surprise, surprise, they are selected as interns.

Google is a happy, shiny, colourful place. All primary colours and free food for staff. Kind of like Playschool for big kids but with internet and coding issues. After the initial introductions, groups are quickly formed and the challenges begin. The winning team will be the only one’s offered jobs so everything is riding on their team-mates. Naturally, Billy and Nick are not chosen and together with Stuart (O’Brien), Neha (Sircar) and Yo-Yo Santos (Raphael) they make up the misfit team headed by delightfully geeky Google team leader Lyle (Brener).

Ok then.

The movie starts with all the usual talk, talk, talk we have become accustomed to from Vaughn. This particular schtick of his drives me nuts after a very short while. So predictably enough, I was surreptitiously logging onto my tablet to try to get that tricky next Candy Crush Saga level. But as annoying as Vaughn can be, I was finding myself liking the other characters and enjoying the whole Google experience. The different personalities and quirks became apparent and the team slowly moulded itself into a unit

This movie contains lots and lots of pop culture references.  A welder named Alex who dared to dream of being a dancer is a favourite. They are well placed and amusing and we get to see an actual game of Quidditch. But then again, isn’t the word google itself a pop culture phenomenon? Not the company just the word. Sorry. This isn’t about Google *coughs*




As I have mentioned, the movie got off to a bad start for me. But once Vaughn shut up, the movie changed. The characters started to develop and each played to their strengths. These up till now socially awkward young people found a niche among other misfits and with the help of the fun-loving Nick and Billy, learned a lot about themselves and how they can connect with the real world. I found this mild  coming of age aspect endearing and it gave the movie some heart.

With Nick adapting much more quickly to his new environment than Billy and pursuing the gorgeous Aussie Dana (Byrne) in the process, it is he that saves Billy and brings him kicking and screaming into his future. It was good to see Billy humbled some what and having to take stock and re-calculate.

The movie holds no real surprises. The formula is tried and true and that is to the movie’s benefit and detriment. We all had some idea of what we would be getting from a Vaughn/Wilson movie and we were not disappointed….. like I said, benefit and detriment. The duo has had great success in the past with The Wedding Crashers and although this movie is entirely different, it is still a great, fun movie. It is funny and quirky and has a heart….. and what’s better than that from a comedy.


Flick xx


Director : Shawn Levy

Starring : Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rose Byrne, Aasif Mandvi, Max Minghella, Josh Brener, Dylan O’Brien, Tiya Sircar, Tobit Raphael, Josh Gad

Running Time : 119 minutes

Release Date : Coming Soon

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