Text Things – The next big thing?




A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with and befriending a young man named Jeff Bell. Jeff was one of those kids you knew was going places. When asked  ‘so young Jeff, what are you going to do when you leave school? ‘  he would answer with a healthy mix of taking over the business world and having some fun. A young man who knew who he was and where he wanted to go but was always going to make time to …. well be a kid and enjoy his youth. Great answers always.

Fast forward a few years and what do I find? Jeff’s company appsion is about to launch it’s new app Text Things. According to their website ….

Text Things can only be described as the next big thing in mobile gaming.  This multi-player release is not only guaranteed to hook you from your first turn, it’s about to connect you even more with your friends and bring out your competitive side!  Whether you take the challenge with your family, your pals or another player from the mix, you will not want to put the phone down.

YAY!! I can’t wait.  I am all for apps that don’t need you to pay attention for oh look….True Blood is back in June and I’m hungry….. I am SO hiring a chef someday……. 😉

But wait there’s more!

Not only is appsion launching a new app, they are also supporting a charity near and dear to their hearts beyondblue and attempting a world record in the process.




On Saturday the 11th of May 2013, Appsion will attempt to smash several world records with the release of his new game “Text Things”. With $1 from every app sold in the first week going directly to Beyond Blue Australia, the team hope to make a substantial difference to people’s lives. Jeff strongly believes that “depression is crippling to the individual and their families, it can destroy the ability to construct a future”. He goes on to say that it can be difficult for individuals to recognise that they don’t have to battle it alone and that’s why he wants to help.

Impressive huh….. yeah we think so too.


Brody Read and Jeff Bell

Brody Read and Jeff Bell


Jeff was gracious enough to spare a few moments to chat with me last week and after we did some catching up ….. hey we are friends after all….. I asked him why he and his Appsion partner Brody Read were so passionate about supporting beyondblue. His answer startled me a little. He told me that over the years, he had seen many of his friends suffer from depression and no-one was really sure what to do or say. Had support or info such as provided by organisations such as beyondblue been more readily available, things may have been a lot easier on everyone. This was his way of giving back to the community….to those who help others. He hopes to raise $10 000 on launch day.

So how can you help? I’m glad you asked …..

Easy!  Anyone who purchases Text Things on the day of the launch will be supporting beyondblue!  Your purchase through the Apple Store will mean YOU are contributing $1.00 to beyondblue.

There will also be a launch celebration with competitions, more world record attempts and even a circus…….yep a circus…. on hand to mark the big day. You can find out more about this event by visiting the website or their facebook page

I am so proud of what these young men have achieved and what they are hoping to achieve. So please show your support for some local boys by liking them, following them…….all the stuff we usually do.

But most importantly buy the app and help support the already amazing work done by beyondblue



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