Film Festival: ShOUT! Gay, Lesbian and Trans Film Festival

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Newcastle’s only Gay, Lesbian & Trans Film Festival is back for its 2nd year to help raise awareness for the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia (IDAHO). After the festival’s successful maiden year in 2012, Tower Cinemas Newcastle will once again host the shOUT Film Festival this year which boasts 3 days of cinema from around the world from Friday 17 May.

The festival aims to raise awareness for IDAHO in conjunction with other activities in the region. The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) began in France and Canada in 2004 celebrating the day when homosexuality was officially removed from the list of diseases by the World Health Organisation in 1990.

This year’s official selection for the shOUT Film Festival includes Struck By Lightning, a comedy written by and starring Chris Colfer (Kurt from Glee) and Australian comedian Rebel Wilson and Farewell, My Queen a french period film which explores the relationship between Marie Antoinette and female members of her court at the beginning of the French revolution.


The Hour of Living will also make its Australian premiere during the festival. Directed by British newcomer director/actor Sebastian Michael, the film is a “bittersweet drama which ranks as one of the best”(L’arena, August 2012). With breathtaking cinematography and “masterful acting” set against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps, the film is also coupled with a unique soundtrack influenced by folk and grass roots music which is equally as good as the film itself.


A selection of short films will also be included throughout the program with each feature as well as both political identities and community members will be speaking before the opening film Struck by Lightning.

Tickets are $15 per session, season passes which include tickets to all films are $75. Both individual tickets and season passes are available via or the Tower Cinemas box office, 185 King street, Newcastle.

Travel and accommodation information for those who will be travelling to Newcastle for the weekend is also available through the festivals official website.

Festival Timetable:

Friday 17 May

7pm Struck By Lightning Comedy Stars: Chris Colfer, Rebel Wilson USA


9pm On The Road Drama Stars: Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst  Viggo Mortensen USA

Saturday 18 May

7pm Farewell, My Queen Drama Stars: Diane Kruger France


9pm Circumstance Drama Stars: Sarah Kazemy, Nokohl Boosheri Iran

Sunday 19 May

5pm Toast Comedy Stars: Freddie Highmore, Helena Bonham Carter UK



7pm The Hour of Living Drama Stars: Sam Fordham & Sebastian Michael UK

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