Movie Review: Ironman 3




Director : Shane Black

Starring : Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebecca Hall, Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley, William Sadler, Ty Simpkins, Don Cheadle, Paul Bettany, Jon Favreau, Stan Lee.

Running Time : 130 minutes

Release Date :   24 April 2013


‘ Unleash the power behind the armor ‘

The third offering from the multi billion dollar Ironman franchise is finally here. Well, I say the third but as someone pointed out to me yesterday, The Avengers was really the third so this movie should be called Ironman 4. But that’s semantics…..


Tony Stark (Downey Jr) is back. And how. Downey Jr is remarkable as Stark and has made this character his own. I love him as an actor and he does himself and Marvel proud with his Ironman portrayal. Stark is in a happily committed relationship with the CEO of  Stark Enterprises, Pepper Potts (Paltrow). He spends his time perfecting the Ironman suits and basically keeping the world safe. Oh and Stark’s favourite robot helper is back…..helping out and getting into trouble as usual. These scenes are always among my favourites in the Ironman movies.


Ironman 3 is chock full of good guys, most notably Stark’s best friend James Rhodes (Cheadle). Colonel Rhodes is the US government’s very own metal-bound hero The Patriot. He used to be War Machine but was redubbed with the less confronting moniker The Patriot. Watch for a very funny password moment about 3/4 of the way into the movie. Real laugh out loud scenes.


The new villain is a terrorist known as The Mandarin (Kingsley) and he is an evil, evil figure. He takes over news broadcasts to issue his threats and the general population has no choice but to witness the atrocities committed. Part of  The Mandarin’s quest to demoralise the public is to destroy, completely, the Stark residence. It is a powerful moment for all concerned and Stark disappears, presumed dead. This is when the real superhero stuff starts. YEAH!!!


I’m going to stop now because I will be giving too much away. Suffice to say this movie has many great characters…..from the brilliant but slightly unhinged Aldrich Killian (Australia’s own Pearce), the adorable kid Harley (Simpkins) who the injured Stark befriends to the vengeful Scientist Maya (Hall) and the menacingly nasty thug Sal (Sadler).


This movie is AH-MA-ZING!!!  Just amazing.

It is fun…. it is funny… it is quirky …. it is action packed …. it has a heart ….. it has a soul…. it has honourable good guys …. it has very bad bad guys….. it has romance….. it has drama …. it has snappy one-liners …. it has thoughtful engaging dialogue…. it has superheros who can fly …. it has superheros who are flawed. It has everything you could want in a movie.


As many of you know, I am a geek girl. Not a super geek girl but geeky enough to have been super-excited about the previews of Star Trek and Man of Steel before the main attraction and but not geeky enough to venture into Sheldon Cooper obsessive territory. I am sure the die hard Marvel comic fans will have issues with this movie but for the rest of us, it will prove thoroughly entertaining and immensely watchable.


And this movie has a major twist. I didn’t see it coming as so many in the theatre proclaimed they did………well judging by the whispered comments during and after a  little bit of eaves-dropping after the movie in the foyer. The twist is great……just perfect. I loved it almost as much as I loved the robot in the dunce hat.

I absolutely recommend you go and see this movie. Take your kids, your parents, your significant other, your I-want-you-to-be-my-significant-other, your best mate, your friends and their friends. Just go and see it. It has something for everyone and you will not be disappointed. It runs for just over 2 hours but you barely notice. It’s fine for all but the littlest of movie goers……although I’m the mum that would let my 7 year old see this movie and death stare you right back as you judged me in the foyer while I was buying popcorn.


This is a more than worthy addition to the Marvel Avengers bank of titles and not to be missed on the big screen. I didn’t bother with 3D…. my regular readers know my aversion to 3D (waste of money unless it’s animated………and a good animation at that) …. but that’s not to say it wasn’t brilliant in that format. There are rumours this is the last Ironman movie so don’t miss out.

So what are you waiting for…….go book a ticket 🙂

Love Flick xx

Mr April – Pup


This is my Pup. Pup is a friend and put this picture on his Facebook a few weeks ago. Clearly, Pup is completely inebriated….. or pissed as we like to say here in Oz…. and thought posting this was very funny. And it was……it is. He was being particularly cheeky the day he posted this and I told him if he didn’t behave, I would blog about him and post his picture here.

‘ Go on, I dare you ‘ said he. So here he is. What’s left of his modesty shielded by a strategically placed bar stool. I also took the liberty of tarting up the pic ….. the grainy black and white stuff…… and protecting his identity…… classy all the way 😉


naked pup edit


So what do we think?

Personally, I am bemused by the whole situation. You see, Pup is my Dexter, The Walking Dead and Game of  Thrones buddy. And yep, I believe he has actually read the books too. He thinks stickers of baby animals in work pods are cute and funny. He eats junk food like only the young with metabolisms working at hyper speed can. So I stand back, shake my head at his antics and maintain bemused status.

So why do I call him Pup? Basically because no matter what he does or says to piss you off…. bother you …… annoy you …. or simply antagonise you for his own amusement, he gives you these big puppy dog eyes and all is forgiven. At least momentarily 😉

He’s a great guy so if anyone is interested, I believe he is currently available and all genuine offers will be passed onto him.

My email is You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook

Just to be clear, he is not for sale because…….well that’s illegal and immoral and if I ventured into that territory, he would no longer be my Pup, he would be my Ho……… Ma Ho. Hmmmmm

Note To Self: look into legalities of pimping in NSW.

Ohhhhhh look how cool I would look as a pimp!


lady pimp


Note to Self Part II: Discuss with Pup advantages of being Ma Ho…..


Ladies is pimps too


It will be very interesting watching and reading the reactions to Pup…… both here and privately.

Now to go and tag the shit out of this post ha ha ha ha ha

Disclaimer:  ‘ Mr April ‘  is over the age of 18, is aware of the nature of the blog and this post and has given full consent to the use of his picture here. There has been no exchange of money or goods and this picture remains the property of the subject. All rights reserved.

Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen [MA] #olympushasfallen #gerardbutler




Directors : Antoine Fuqua

Starring : Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Finley Jacobsen, Dylan McDermott, Rick Yune, Angela Bassett, Melissa Leo, Radha Mitchell

Running Time : 120 minutes

Release Date :  In Cinemas Now

18 months ago, a tragedy befell America‘s First Family and the President’s (Eckhart) former Secret Service bodyguard Mike Banning (Butler) has been relegated to a desk job in the Treasury, far, far, away from the White House. I feel I must question why Butler’s character has been described as a disgraced former bodyguard. He isn’t disgraced in the slightest, that is made clear in the movie…… and if he was disgraced, he wouldn’t be able to easily access codes ‘n’ stuff like he does through the movie. But I digress….




The White House is taken by terrorists and ironically enough for its release timing, the enemy is Korea not some Middle Eastern country. The White House is taken from the inside, on many levels, so efforts to evacuate personnel and move the President to a secure bunker within the building play right into the terrorist’s hands. And this takeover is brutal.




A large bomber type enemy plane (clearly I am not an aeroplane expert) flies into secure United States airspace and 2 fighter jets politely ask the plane to divert of suffer the consequences. The bomber blasts them out of the sky and continues towards its ultimate destination where it guns down sniper type guards stationed across the White House grounds and rooftops. The Koreans also gun down what surely must be staff or tourists in and around the White House lawns. Like I said, brutal and uncompromising.




The plane then glides through the Washington obelisk, clipping its wing and ultimately crashing to the ground on it’s suicide mission in what can only be described as September 11 type imagery. The remaining sequences of the terrorist attack are planned to destructive perfection. Very Sun Tzu ‘ Art of War ‘  in its details, precision and single-mindedness. Wave after wave of attack strikes, with the Americans one step behind every time. Once the Koreans have taken full and complete control of the White House, the code ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘  being transmitted through to an understandably stunned US government strategy room,  their leader Kang (Yune) comments with unabashed pride to the now captive President of the United States that ‘ it took your military 15 minutes to arrive….. we took the White House in 13 1/2 minutes’.




By this stage, Banning is the only person inside the building with any hope of saving the President. The Koreans are nothing if not organised to exquisite detail. I know they are the bad guys but you cannot help but admire how clever and prepared they are in this attack. The Koreans use the American’s well-ordered military responses against them. The element if surprise is their main weapon and they use it to devastating effect.




The Koreans want the US out of the Korean peninsula. End of story. As the United States does not negotiate with terrorists, the Koreans plan to use the one weapon they know will secure them victory….. the President’s young son Connor (Jacobsen) who is somewhere in the White House. The hunt for him starts…..who will get to him first?





This movie is very Die Hard  ……. I do believe it has actually been marketed as a Die Hard genre movie to some ……. but without all that American swaggering that can ummmm prove a tad irksome to some non Americans audiences *coughs* This movie had guts and it had balls. There I said it. It was unrelenting in it’s brutality and the bad guys did appear to have an answer for anything the US could throw at it. Always one step ahead.




Okay, so once the Speak of the House Trumbull (Freeman) took over by default, we kinda knew things would be okay. Freeman is the ‘other ‘ US President, he is God, he is the man we all secretly hope really and truly does take control if the proverbial s%@# hits the fan in real life. Come on….. you know you do 😉




This is a great movie. I loved it. It had lots of action, it had a clever, fast paced script, fantastic acting and enough heart to make you feel for the underdogs and want them to win. Of course, we always want good to triumph over evil and this was no different. So what if only one man appears to be able to bring down this well oiled machination of evil. Die Hard and Rambo were both really successful franchises in their day (in their day…….and that day is over……yes hello Die Hard 5 I AM looking at you!!)




This movie is never going to be nominated for any major awards, except maybe an MTV Award for Best Movie Fight Scene or whatever the kids think is cool these days. But this movie doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is….. an action movie with a great script, a great cast and a great premise. It is a solid tale and well worth the almost 2 hour running time and the $15 ticket.

And remember………Shift 3 fixes everything 🙂


Love Flick xx







Movie Review: Identity Thief [MA]


Directors : Seth Gordon

Starring : Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Amanda Peet, Jon Favreau, T.I. , Eric Stonestreet, Morris Chestnut

Running Time : 111 minutes

Release Date :  In Cinemas Now

The premise of this movie is clear enough from the title. Put upon, mild-mannered, Denver business man Sandy Patterson (Bateman) receives a call from his credit card company confirming all his personal details. Of course, this is a scam and the oh so polite and helpful woman on the other end of the line in fact is a con artist (McCarthy) who promptly steals his identity and goes on a spending spree. The real Sandy Patterson is only alerted to the fraud when a beauty salon in Florida calls to confirm his appointment.


Denver Sandy is eventually hauled in by the police and its transpires that, although this appears to be a case of identity theft, dealing with the situation and bringing the con artist Florida Sandy to justice may take a very long time. Due to recent changes in his career, Denver Sandy is desperate to have his name cleared as soon as possible. His good name and very livelihood depends on it. So he embarks on a trip to Florida to bring the fake Sandy to justice. And as they say……. hilarity ensues.

Denver Sandy quickly tracks down Florida Sandy and confronts her. She cracks Sandy with what is apparently her trademark karate-chop-type-hit-to-the-throat move and attempts to flee. She doesn’t get far and before we know it, we are embarking on a buddy movie with a twist with our hero and anti heroine.


After a run in with some apparently very dangerous people that Florida Sandy is involved with, she reluctantly agrees to go along with Sandy’s plan to take her back to Denver so he can clear his good name. She basically has no choice but to get out-of-town fast and this is the prefect escape route. Of course, this road trip was never going to be easy or straightforward and the pair get into some interesting scrapes and situations as the journey progresses, including a sleazy hotel sex romp between Florida Sandy and a lonely, wealthy widow Big Chuck (Modern Family‘s Stonestreet).


This movie has some very funny moments, one of the most memorable being a scene in a restaurant where Florida Sandy lets the female server believe her ‘ husband ‘ won’t let her eat. We see a myriad of manipulations at play here, all of which produce one of the movie’s finest moments. But alas, this movie also falls flat in many areas as well.

I was expecting a great deal from the hilarious and versatile McCarthy and I believe she delivers but she has been let down by a lack lustre script that relies on tired old physical jokes and gags to keep the momentum going. Bateman has to suffer through about ohhhh 3 too many jokes regarding his unisex name as well as from a lack of clear character direction. The same joke delivered in the same way half a dozen times within the first 20 minutes of a movie….. yeah somebody shoot the script writer please!


But this movie also brings some heart. Right from the beginning, we are aware that Florida Sandy is filling a big hole in her life with the ‘stuff ‘ she buys and the friends she momentarily buys with her ill-begotten gains. This is a continuing thread throughout the movie and is quite engaging.  The relationship between the lead characters builds as well and they start to find a real connection. Yeah sure it is laid on too think towards the end but it is what it is.

McCarthy is a genius comedienne and Bateman is a solid leading man. I am a fan of both these actors. But as I mentioned before, they are let down by a ordinary script. There are moments in the movie where I felt if they had both been allowed to ad lib, things would have been vastly different. You can almost see it in their faces that they are holding something back. Maybe they too realised half way through production they were dealing with something less than great so they gave up. I don’t know.


This is not a bad movie….. it’s just not a good movie either. I’m sitting on the movie reviewing fence and refusing to budge huh? That’s really annoying from a reviewer……I know it drives me insane. A review that’s enjoying a nice see-saw ride of ambiguity. ARGHHH!!! Pick a side Flick!! I know, I know. But seriously, I just can’t with this movie. This one, you will have to figure out on your own. Sorry….

I don’t know what’s worse………going to see a bad movie or going to see a movie that should be great and feeling let down and disappointed by the end result. Oh well, I will always have Bridesmaids and Arrested Development.

Love Flick xx