Just a Dream

To go into the light or to not go into the light……that is the question here….

Andy Tremble

Had a dream that I was dying.

I don’t remember how I died, just that one moment I was listening to the beep of a machine in an idle sort of way, not really paying attention to anything at all, and the next everything changed. I was suddenly paralysed with fear and as I rose up out of myself, everything became dim and colourless. I briefly recognised the room around me as a hospital, but it faded quickly, features disappearing with each moment, as though the place itself was being washed out of existence. I’m sure you can imagine my terror when I found I couldn’t move or speak, only silently gibber the sort of predictable internal pleas to anyone who might be able to hear me.

Then several things happened at once. I was suddenly able to move, and I was aware of someone calling to me. The voice…

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