My Great Big Gym Odyssey – Day 3 (am)


Day 3

At the gym by 5.15am…forgot ipod. Shit!

Watching boring music videos on [V], including but not limited to Beyonce wearing a wedding dress and whining about someone she never had. Luckily, I was soon distracted by Mr Hot Built Guy with Tatts. Non tribal tatts so that’s always a bonus these days.

He was wearing this singlet….but in black. No I was not complaining either 🙂

Small moment of eye contact and a good morning smile then he was on the treadmill and matching my pace. Of course, he was breaking into a sprint every few minutes….again, no complaints from me.

So I increased my walking speed by a little and did my 21 minutes…. YAY!!

My right foot was hurting…. not the shin today, just the outside of my foot…. and I felt like it was rolling out…so I must confer with a work colleague who happens to be a bit of a sport/fitness type expert and was advising me on the proper footwear yesterday. Took a few snaps of my shoes to show him and I am sure after a quick visit to the shops on my lunch break, all will be fixed by this afternoon. I think I need one of those slide in sole things…yeah whatever they are called LOL

I got a text while I was at the gym asking if this is the song I was hearing. Ha ha ha not quite.maybe soon 😉

I feel really good that I am actually doing something positive for myself. Have a great day.

Love Flick xx

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