My Great Big Gym Odyssey – Day 1

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Day 1

Had my gym orientation with the friendly & supportive staff. Also met my personal trainer, Miss T. Miss T is fabulous and not too perky….which I am enjoying. I don’t think I will like perky at 5am LOL Have to meet her on Friday to run through a training programme.

Did 2 minutes on the treadmill and can feel the fitness flooding through me. Okay so that’s not strictly true but I did do 2 minutes on the treadmill.

I also got on this machine and did leg lifts….

I saw this machine and just stared at it. Did I want to have a go? Ummm no thanks….It’s a cross trainer. How nice for it *insert very fake smile here* I am fine just looking at it for now….

Back tomorrow at 5am to start getting fit and fabulous!

Oh this is the perfect opportunity to include pics of a certain Mr Manganiello working out…..because I am working out so it’s not superfluous. Do you like what I did there?

I wonder if he will be my workout buddy?

And to finish, this will be looping on my ipod at 5am tomorrow…. RAWR!!!

Love Flick xox

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