Moving House sucks……


I haven’t moved house in a very long time and I had forgotten what an absolute pain it all is…from friends promising to help you move and then not showing up (yeah thanks for that!) to testy real estate agents demanding a spotlessly clean house or you will lose your bond (yeah that won’t be happening ….. or so say my friends at Fair Trading) and everything in between.

But a great big thank you to….

My wonderful offspring who have worked their butts off for the last week and continue to do so …. I am so proud of you and yes you can have a drink or 3 tonight and relax. Mummy hearts you xoxo

The fantastic removalists at Port Stephens Removals who did such a great job for us. They were upfront and honest with their pricing (which is the best and fairest in the entire region anyway), showed up with a truck big enough to do the move in one go and were just good blokes. And no pics……just like I promised LOL 😉

The fabulously gorgeous and wonderfully touchy feeling huggy smoochy Princess Red…..for helping us and not losing any furniture off the trailer…. but mostly for just being a great friend. I owe you some smut….a movie……a bottle of the good stuff and some crispy animal flesh eaten in the warm glow of you saying my name. Alcide wants you to say it……so say it bitch!!!  ‘Mrs Herveaux’



So once I get sorted out at home and get the interwebs back on properly……prepaid broadband bites the big one huh??? …. I will be back to show you the big changes I promised before we decided to move house.

And that’s it from me…….. has everyone seen Magic Mike yet?

Love Flick x


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