Jolene’s Diary…. The 90 Day Rule.

Found myself completely amazed today whilst at work when two of my work mates gave me the most horrified look. I could only stare back at them stunned by at how stunned they were at me.. We were dividedly shocked….. So there we all were…… staring!!! Two sets of eyes on me and what seemed like one eye each on them.

The minutes passed by ( okay seconds ), and then then first words were exchanged.

“What???? you’d make a guy wait 90 days for it?”

” No way would he stick around”

My eye brows gave that confused “bitch please” look.

Wow!!… It blew me away.

They were dead serious, one a married 25 year old lady and one a 34 year old guy In a 2 year relationship….. I had just finished updating them on the stories from a “dating” site and one guy in particular where I had said I was thinking about meeting…..

Something was said that I just cant remember ( sorry for the lag in the story there) and I replied with “ no way, Im going to try the 90 day rule from now on” (and now switch back to the start with the horrified looks) ha ha I thought the were joking….

But nope.. they felt it necessary I should put a disclaimer of that on my dating site profile…lol 90 days….. is it really that long do I really need a disclaimer?

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