SYD 2030 – Web Series


Cast: Abe Mitchell, Laura Benson, Tatjana Alexis, Sophie Luck, George Harrison, Johnny Emery

What is a web series? It’s a series of episodes released via the internet. Like a TV show. It is an emerging entertainment medium that is being embraced mostly by the fringe/indie element…and that is a very good thing, as you are about to see.

SYD2030 is the brain-child of fledgling Aussie production company Cheese on Toast Productions (COT). COT comprises 5 young Uni graduates, all under the age of 24, who seem determined to not wait around for their big break but to make it themselves. Their motto ‘The worse they can say is no’ – so ask for everything, is my own personal motto so I was interested in this little venture immediately.

This particular web series is being created for an LA based competition called ITV Festival, but the team have been involved, as a group and separately, in festivals such as the much lauded and influential Tropfest as well as the British Independent Film Festival.

You can read the rest of this review at Beauty and Lace

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